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Entry for January 10, 2009 Let’s get started.

January 10, 2009

Welcome to my room with a “view”. I guess it is best to start with introductions.

Meet the inside crew: Lila (me), David (oldest son), Beth (soon to be daughter-in-law) Jeff (youngest son), Jade (the green cheek with loose lips), Flopper (the english spot rabbit- the only quiet one on the inside), Miss Blu Bell (the now lone budge) and now with us only in spirit, may they rest in peace, our beloved Miss Tynker Bell (the other budge) and Henny Penny (who was one fine red layin’ hen).

Now the outside crew: NIGHT SHIFT: Big Mama (mom raccoon), Tater and Tot (her children of two), The Opossum Gang-Fat Mama (mom), Billy Bob (oldest son), and Pinky (youngest-gender unknown at present), The Rabbit Family (always on the increase…. I’ve lost count of ’em..) and a few other critters from time to time … around here you never can tell.

Now the outside crew: DAY SHIFT: Well that changes as do the seasons but mostly the birds, all kinds and some that are here year round like Miss. Lefty (she’s a Northern Cardinal with a special formed left wing) so I’ll keep things updated as they change and along with the snakes, turtles, lizards, and a few (and these I must list separately here as they are in a league of their own) Red Shoulder Hawks…. but they do eat the wild fat and sassy field mice that breed faster than those rabbits! And a last but not least as they say a host of squirrels with “attitudes”.

Well that’s most of the crew inside and outside the view from my room…. oh yeah, be prepared for other “views” I have besides the ones I see outside my patio doors…. yes me and my critters have some strong views….. but we like great music, food, good friends and a better future for our world….. so come by anytime, pull up a rockin’ chair and put your feet up, grab a drink and open up your PC or Laptop and stay a spell. The sun is always on your back and our cool breeze seems to always have perfect timin’……

Be at peace until next we cross paths or ya come and rest a spell……. :} … Lila

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