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Entry for January 11, 2009 What a day and What a night..

January 11, 2009
We have hawk days around here.....all little critters watch out....

We have hawk days around here.....all little critters watch out.. *36

It’s raining now and that should be a good thing… we really need it….even though it makes my life more painful…..but with my crew around I can’t dwell on that for long… the day shift outside was a mess today.Those Red Shoulder Hawks were back. Two to day and they just wanted to hang for awhile. And they did…. in the trees over the feeding stations for the smaller critters. So when this happens most of the smaller critters come to the feeding stations hung right over my patio doors… nice safe….good…. yeah not today….. those squirrels, who by the way are not usually afraid of the hawks, just love hawk days they have a free for all at the feeding stations…. yeah not today… for some reason they wanted to keep it close too and every few minutes I had squirrels hangin’ upside down from the door frame…. tryin’ to look very innocent or suddenly one would go flyin’ by ’cause he over shot his leap from the side of the house…. yeah wwhhhoooossshhhhh…. smack…then stroll back to the side fence like it was the whole plan from the start. I really think some times the hawks do this just to get a good laugh. When the sun went down I took a deep breath and wondered what the night crew might bring. I heard some whispers that if they could swing it there might be a party on my patio tonight….. not good… after the last one…. well it took days to sort through the mess. So when it started to rain my thought was “YESSSSS!” no party. But just a while ago I heard the sound of ZZ Top playin’ “party on the patio” … which is the signal to start the the party. Now my man Bob Seger is shoutin’ out about Mary Lou gettin’ out tonight….. look up and what do I see…. Tater and Tot rockin’ and some of the young rabbits are hopin’ and bopin’ and just where is Big Mama? Well she’s sittin’ pretty on the top of the fence watchin’ all playin’ in the rain….ya know if I could find my dancin’ shoes I might be tempted to join ’em…… but I can’t find a matchin’ pair since their last big party…Well it’s goin’ to take me a while here feel, free to stay and sit a spell and enjoy….I got work to do…. Lila

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