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Entry for January 12, 2009 FREE STUFF!!

January 12, 2009

Yes, I said free stuff. From time to time as info comes to me I like to share. Free is always good. What I’ve got now are free ring tones and phone wallpaper…..OK you say “So what, you can find free ring tones a lot.” But these are special, as a matter of fact these are down right RARE ! My friends at CBD has set up free ring tones of endangered species. Just think cell phone suddenly sounds off like an owl or a Pika {little furry critter}. This can only lead into the topic of “Wow where did you get that?” and then “Well from the CBD and they are trying to save these little critters!” Oh there are many to choose from too and that is a sad thing….. way too many of our critters both big and small are becoming “rare”. Just think you could feel good that you are helping to save them just by using free ring tones and maybe a few good words on their behalf. Sounds like a good deal to me. So, here’s where you go:

For more info on this topic please feel free to check out these other sites. {Center for Biological Diversity} {National Wildlife Federation}

I want to close this info post with a few words from Henry David Thoreau. He said “In the wilderness is the preservation of the world.” All I can add to that is a heart felt amen brother. Be at peace until our paths cross again or you just come to sit back, put your feet up and stay for a spell to enjoy the views. :} … Lila

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