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Entry for January 13, 2009 Just when you thought…

January 13, 2009

'ole loose lips green cheek conure Jade

‘ole loose lips green cheek conure Jade         *35


If you have children, you’ll know what I mean when I say I thought those days were gone when you have people come in to your home, when you really don’t want them there. And you worry just as much, if not more, about what the kids will say than about the mess. Say like when the plumber comes to fix the kitchen sink. See both my kids are grown up now {except when they are together at Christmas and you think you are having a very, very bad flash back…} so the plumber should be no problem… just the mess to worry about….yeah, right…. that’s where Jade comes in….. he’s one of two of my indoor critters that can talk and he is learning more and his vocabulary is steadily growing….. and he is soooo cute too. He says “Hello”, “Love you”, “Yes”, “Jeff” and newest is “What?”. And did I tell you he loves to bathe in the kitchen sink like his own little shower. Oh how nice….. yeah until the plumber turns on the water in the kitchen sink and Jade who has missed his bath, decides to put every word in his vocabulary to use…”Hello! love you! yes, yes, yes, hello, love you,love you, YES, YES,YES, Jeff, Jeff, LOVE YOU! YES! YES!… “What? What? YES, YES!” and so on and so on…. then the plumber looks at me and smiles and says “What time does you husband get home? It’s a good thing your shower ain’t broke.” I tell the plumber that Jeff is my son not my husband and he just looks at me…. and the more I try and tell him that parrots like Jade really know what they are saying and aren’t just mimics like some of the other birds and that Jeff gives him more time to play in the sink than I can and the guy says “Yeah You say so lady.” So old loose lips left me looking not so motherly…lol…. and that was just a few minutes in my day as an animal lover. I can’t even begin to tell you what Flopper {the English spot rabbit} was doing to Ms. Bear { the stuffed teddy bear I had to put in his pen for self defence because I could shave my legs twice a day and when I make a dash across his pen to refill his water battle he still takes a go at my legs….. so not right…}. I was afraid to look out side to see that kind of mess I have out there….. it’s been raining and when it rains the critters play…..still can’t find out where that lamp shade in the bird bath came from……hhhuummmmm…..maybe best not to know….must have been the night crew critters….. well better close the door to my little world for now…… feel free to stay here and rest enjoy the views….. a little John Denver music would be good times like now….be at peace and renew that quiet stillness in your soul and see you when our paths cross again……. Lila

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