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Entry for January 14, 2009 Because it is I am..

January 14, 2009

I bet you are wondering “Now just what does she mean by that?” Well because there are people, even nice people too that do things with out thinking and it has a huge impact on someone or something else…….. so because it is I am….. today I had a pretty little Mourning Dove brought to me….. someone left and or dumped some old wire fencing half in and half out of a “Household Refuse Only” dumpster and the bird like many wild critter now a days hunts for food of some sort from these areas. She got entrapped in the wire and there she sat, cold, cut, hungry and afraid. By the time she was found and I got her she was in shock and would not have made it through the night a live. Now that is not nature’s way. That is some of mankind’s doings. No critter should have to die cold, alone, hungry and in fear. Now I know Mourning Doves are a dime a dozen, but she would have been better off at the hands of a good hunter than this…. now I have no issues with hunting as long as it is legal, not wasteful or cruel. But this did give me an other chance to talk with the children about how to care for natures critters and that’s a good thing too. Now she’s going to be fine…. a good nights rest in a warm place with food and water….. a little antibiotic ointment on her scratches and she should be good to go in the am, back outside where she belongs. My inside critters were grumblin’ about havin’ another feathered critter takin’ up space….to which I said “hey she doesn’t have a set of loose lips like some I know”…. they got quiet….. put a smile back on my face… anyway just Please take some time to think before you do…… you see what can happen and these wonders have been entrusted to our care. John Muir said “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” This is so true. Now I’ve given one of my “views” that some may say go hug a tree or get a life….. and I would love to be able to go and hug one of my favorite trees and have a life where I’m not needed in this way…. so Please help and think about that single tug…….

Well now I need to get all snuggle in my bed and keep an eye on my guest….. be at peace with all around you and yourself until our paths cross again or just stay a spell… sit back close your eyes and think about a soft waterfall, green trees and the warm sun and refresh you mind………… Lila

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