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Entry for January 15, 2009 All is well that ends well!

January 14, 2009
Now Miss Lucky Dove has rejoined her peeps!

Now Miss Lucky Dove has rejoined her peeps! *27


Yes, today was a very good day. Miss. Lucky Dove is back out side where she belongs. I had a few hours of fear that she might have been hurt more than I saw on my first exam. This morning I took her out and let leave on her own time and she immediately and promptly hopped … flew… and dropped to the ground…..not what I wanted to see. Well it was cold out so made her a small bed in pine straw and leaves just behind one feeding station close by me and helped her into it and with in a hour or so a small group of Mourning Doves came to feed and she slowly joined them and shortly there after she flew with them up in to a near by tree and has been doing well. Since I can ID her by her cuts right now I can keep an eye on her. She and her “peeps” had a sunset dinner at my patio feeding station and was off for the night…..I call that the end to a good day. Now if the rest of my critters were so well behaved….lol…..yeah like that is going to happen.

I’ve been a little worried the last few days as I’ve not seen Fat Mama but I have seen Billy Bob and Pinky……not together they have been showing up at different times and one will be here and then suddenly stand up on it’s hind legs, smell the air and then take off at a full running pace….. only to have the other one show up… and still no Fat Mama….hhhuuummmm…..I have a feeling that when I see Fat Mama she might just be a little fatter. Which means The Opossum Gang may be expanding {although in truth the baby opossums are so very tiny and are not even seen until they are almost ready to leave, at that time they move out of her pouch area where they are attached to mom’s tits and start to ride on her piggy back style!}. We shall see. I hope it’s not going around ’cause I’ve not seen Big Mama either since the last party. She might have slipped off while Tater and Tot was rockin’ and rollin’ to Bob’s Old Time Rock and Roll and found herself a real nice masked fellow. Just what we need is more young and wild raccoons! Well while all is quiet……oh I can’t believe I just said that….. that could come back and bite me on the fanny…..I better get some sleep… I may need it…lol…..until our paths cross again be at peace with all around you big or small…. visit as much as you like and relax…..join me as I close my eyes and think of a nice natural hot spring pool in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a lush green and flower filled woodland…’ve got nowhere to go and nothing pressing that needs to be done….. and smile………. Lila

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