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Entry for January 16, 2009 Is it Friday again?

January 16, 2009

Well I guess it is and boy was that fast too. Been a little quiet here not sure if that is a good thing or not. But I did find a note stuck to my patio door. It seems that my outside day and night crew have been working on their communication skills. The list of “requests” for the weekend. Seems they have been discussing the forecasts for record lows for the next few days and with this falling on the week end could mean trouble… for me. So let’s see this list….extra food OK, fresh water though out the day and night “warmed please!” NO…fresh yes to keep from freezing {seems they don’t know that warmed water could be a killer…no warm water}, remove the leaves from the big bird bath and refill until frozen {the leaves mess with our ice skates}…. ice skating…this I don’t know about…don’t want to be fixing broken legs and wings…. well if they ware protective gear I guess OK, and leave the grill going so they can roast marshmallows and sing and dance around the fire…. that I’ll have to think on…..and they will be leaving me a play list for the party…… great and just who will be cleaning this mess up hhhuuummm? Me just you watch and see it will be over and done and they’ll be out of sight…. Well looks like I’m gonna need some sleep. Until our paths cross again be at peace in mind, body and soul…. feel free to stay a while…. in the comment area add to the play list if you like or comment {be nice now critters feeling don’t like to be hurt then again who does…lol…} rest and refresh your self… surround yourself with those that both love AND respect you …….. Lila

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