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Entry for January 17, 2009 It’s Cold!!

January 17, 2009

Well I gave into most of their requests…. and it has been fun watching the outside critters making the best of the cold weather. But I’ve had to keep a close eye on them…lol… they can be a mess. Had to make pinky get down from the hanging basket holder….hanging by it’s tail and trying to toast marshmallow gonna poke someones eye out like that…. and Tater and Tot were poking each other with their stick between toasting their marshmallows…. eating so many they are going to get sick…lol…the rabbit family is having a great time dancing all around the other critters…. they really do have good rhythm….looks the day shift critters are the only one who want to ice skate….. most likely its the squirrels…. but the musics been loud but good play list…Roll Me Away-Bob Seger, Face the Promise-Bob S, Susie Q -CCR, Fire Inside- Bob S, Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sun Spot Baby- Bob S, Master Of Sparks- ZZ Top, Gimme Back My Bullets- LS, Proud Mary-CCR, Gimme Three Steps-LS, Bad Moon Rising -CCR, Night Moves-Bob S, Simple Man-LS, As Long As I Can S The Light- CCR, Against The Wind- Bob S, Saturday Night Special- LS, Swamp Music- LS, Real Mean Bottle- Bob S & Kid Rock, Leather and Lace- Stevie Nicks, The Harder They Fall- John Denver, FREE BIRD- LS, Rough Boy- ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top and Highway Man- Stevie Nicks…… and on and on….if it wasn’t so darn cold I’d be right out there with ’em…. they are having a wild time…… hope you are too… so until our paths cross again be at peace and harmony with all that is around you and keep a song in your heart…. feel free to visit and comment if you like…… Lila

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