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Entry for January 18, 2009 Well what do you know!

January 18, 2009

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it! They are all here even Rocco {Tater and Tot’s older brother} is here. Seems they partied until they couldn’t anymore. Even some of day shift is here…. mostly the squirrels and some Carolina wrens and a few dark eyed juncos…. they must of been plum tuckered out. All of them snuggled here and there around the fire in the grill. Even Fat Mama and Big Mama are a asleep next to fire. Tot’s furry raccoon stripped tail keeps flicking Billy Bobs little oppousum ear then Billy Bob paw swats at it, misses and pokes Pinky’s nose…..oooohhhh they are so cute when they are a sleep. I wonder how long this will last……. well ssssssshhhhhh…. stay a spell if ya like too but be quiet if you do… believe me you don’t want to wake these critters up! Me, I’m gonna do like them and curl up and go to sleep….enjoy the view….peace be with you where ever you may go until our paths cross again!…… Lila

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