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Entry for January 19, 2009 Oh it was so nice!

January 19, 2009

What a great day Sunday was….. I awoke to the sound of my sweet little budge Miss. Blu Bell singing one of her pretty songs and my loose lipped green cheek Jade saying “Hello, love you! Love you yes!” and Flopper thumping his hind foot on the floor and then standing up on his hind legs to look at me! When I sat up and looked out side I saw all of the day and night critters looking in and holding up a sign that said “HAPPY 49 BIRTHDAY MS. B!” Seems them all falling asleep on the patio after their party was on purpose after all. They even left me a bag of nuts and dried fruits! {Now I don’t know where they got the dried fruit and I think I don’t want to know nor eat it but it was so very nice of them} Also they then started cleaning up all of the mess, even the left over food into the compost pile! WOW! Then off they went! Not a peep out of the outside critters or even the inside ones have been well behaved…. Then my two leg critters showed up…. David and Beth{my soon to be daughter-in-law and she is great too!} and Jeff my youngest. We had such a nice time and they got me so much this year even with it being so close after Christmas too. Got me an I Pod and all the trimmings, also a Crosley holder that plugs into a Crosley old fashioned radio am/fm, turntable for my old LPs and tape player. The wood matches my bedroom set. And a scanner/copier and I think it is a fax also…not sure …. now just have to learn how to work all this stuff….. not funny… I’m just getting caught up on the online stuff…. lol… Well better go and check on these critters … they can only behave for so long… it’s a fact! But feel free as always to stay and rest a spell. Close your eyes and see if you can hear the soft flow of water over the rocks of the spring….. and feel the warm sun on your back…. peace be with you until our paths cross again……. Lila

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