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Entry for January 22, 2009 Red Entry: One Last Parting Shot!

January 21, 2009
featureYellowstoneWolf Yellowstone Wolves      *19

Well the Bush Administration has stripped the wolves in Idaho and Montana of their Endangered Species protection. As soon as hunting season begins “Open Fire” orders are issued and both state officials and hunters will fan out through Greater Yellowstone and Central Idaho to hunt an animal that should still be on the Endangered Species list. The Bush Administration has done this before this past spring and more than 110 wolves were brutally killed in as many days. This wolf-killing rampage only stopped after NRDC and 11 other conservation groups prevailed in federal court. Now we must do it again because the wolf population has already started to decline, and the hunt hasn’t even begun, as the wolf pups die of a yet-to-be determined disease. Well NRDC is racing back to court to stop this slaughter hopefully before it can begin again. Like I said this was a parting gift from the Bush Administration and the new administration has it’s hands full right now and our best hope lies in the public actions….. to be the voice for these wild things…..Just a thought….. before reading this did you know this was taking place? NO….bet not…. and that is how they get away with it….. you can’t stop something you don’t know about now can you? Good news is from Robert Redford Trustee of NRDC. seems we have gotten the restraining order to stop the sale of the lease of Utah’s Redrock Wilderness and blocking the government from cashing the check from the oil companies until this case can be heard later this year…. for more info go to One last thing and I’ll stop ok…lol…but do you like swordfish? I do and seems a lot of us here in the US do too, as we are the worlds largest consumer. And most of ours is imported…. what’s the problem? Well most of what we import is illegal… yep! That’s what I said. Most of these imports use methods that kills thousands of other wild sea critters which are then just chucked over board. So when we eat this cheep import we aren’t just hurting the wild critters but we are hurting OUR OWN BUSSNESS because our US fisheries can’t compete with these cheep imports…. want to help painlessly? Well go to   then go to the top left and click on ACTION drop down box and then click on CURRENT ACTION ALERTS then click on “Tell the Fisheries Services” and read and help if you want to. Thank you now I’m going to bed and have sweet dreams . How about you? Well peace be with you until our paths cross again and protect all those that you love be they big or small…. Lila

03/26/2009 Up date …the link for taking action on the fisheries services has been sent so thank you to all that took action … you did a very good thing! The link can still be used it is a good jumping off point at CBD for all kinds of great info on many areas about our wildlife and environment, so please continue to use this wonderful resource….. and thank you CBD for all the hard work you do to make things easy for us to help all the big and small critters and this big blue and green world we live on and care for……. Lila

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