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Entry for January 23, 2009 Red Entry Update: Last Minute Rules Get A Reprieve, But Will It Last?

January 22, 2009
They have a right to live too.

They have a right to live too. *18


Just got an e-mail update from CBD and was good news. At present the gray wolves removal from the Endangered Species list has been placed on hold by the new Obama administration until legal can review the delisting. But this doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It could go forward, be modified or held indefinitely. The review will be done by the US Fish and Wildlife services. All of the last minute environmental rules will be reviewed. Unfortunately this can’t undo the rules the Bush Administration had already implemented. Those will take more work. We will not stop until all the wild critters and where they live are safe and sound. For more info go to  And now my critters want to say Thank You! I’ll be back updating you on them very soon. They are a real mess but gotta love ’em. So be at peace with all that is around you and you will be at peace with yourself. Rest and stay as long as you like and enjoy the views until our paths cross again……. Lila

03/26/2009 Up date … the above link is a good jumping off point for info…. you can use the top right search box or the drop down boxes across the top of the page… so enjoy all the great reading…… Lila


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