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Entry for January 24, 2009 Days gone bye…

January 24, 2009
One fine red layin' hen!

One fine red layin' hen! *26

All is quiet and still. Don’t know where they are or what they are up to, but I won’t pass up on a quiet night. Gives me time to think of days gone bye. To remember Henny Penny. We miss her so much. She was one fine red laying hen. Her passing was such a shock to us … we try not to think about that part as much as all the good times we had…and now you might say what kind of good times can you have with a chicken….oh but she wasn’t just any old chicken….. she was lucky …. she shouldn’t have been alive at all…..after her former “owner” chucked her out the back of the truck in to the road in the middle of morning rush hour traffic….. her hopping and dodging cars…well Jeff saw her and knew he must get her….. there was just something about her …… he knew she was meant to be with us….. I didn’t agree at first…..ooohhh nnooo not a chicken…. the other critters might like to try a taste of her…..that would not be a good thing….. no not a good thing at all… but she had a way of growin’ on ya…. first it was the outside day crew….. she let all the “other” birds know she ruled the roost and the turtles, snakes, lizards knew to make way for her and to play nice…..oohhh then the squirrels who had been running all the other critter crazy, well they thought they could out number her and teach her to stay out of their way…… lol…. didn’t work…. she set them straight in fast order….. yeah she had a way of growin’ on ya…. Well then came the outside night crew….. but that worked will she was just as snug as a bug in her new little hen house…. the days passed and she was having a great life…..loved the compost heap….oohhh she loved the big fat pink worms we would get her from the bait shop…. she would just jump up so high to get the from us…….the days passed and soon it was Winter…. it was getting cold and after much discussion we brought her inside at night or if it was too cold during the day or raining too much….. she LIKED being indoors too…lol…she let the inside critters know that she was the biggest……but she didn’t push it really…. she got to eating dinner with us… yes she had her own plate and eat what we did…..then things got too funny….Jeff well he started sneaking her out with us in the car…. yeah I saw his coat start to move…..and from there she started going out with us when we went on midnight runs to McD’s …. we would order at the drive through get french fries and ice cream cones and then park and watch the world drive by…. she loved french fries but her favorite was the ice cream cones and after a while the people at the drive through would give us a small cone free just for her and they liked to watch her eat it…. she just wolfed it down she loved it so much…lol….. it got to be that she always stayed inside at night…. got her a dog bed with a cover over the top….. she’d sleep until we uncovered her bed and she was it was light out….. she’d lay 1 or 2 eggs then get up and go into the bathroom and hop in the tub seems she really liked a nice warm shower and light towel dry the a quick blow dry and she was ready to go out side and start her day…… yes I could tell you so many stories but I’ll let that come later….. so maybe you can see why we say she was one fine red laying hen……we still love you Henny Penny! I hope everyone can have such a love in their life as we have been so lucky to have….. maybe we were the lucky ones more so than she was….. well peace be with you and all the big and little loves in your life and stay and rest and think what would you do if you were so blessed as we have been or if you already have been please don’t take it for granted because you just never know when it might be gone… so until our paths cross again let’s count our many blessing……Lila

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