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Entry for January 29, 2009 Red Entry Update: Lives Worth Saving….

January 29, 2009
The perfect embodiment of beauty!

The perfect embodiment of beauty! *37

New info out from NRDC’s news. From the article “Whale of a Win”. The National Marine Fisheries Service has announced that it is placing the last 375 beluga whales of the Alaska’s Cook Inlet on the endangered species list. It’s a life saving victory for one of the smallest populations of marine mammals on the planet, whose numbers have plummeted by 50 percent over the past decade due to rapid industrialization of it’s habitat. NRDC Members and online activists submitted 118,000 official comments- two-thirds of all the comments received by the Bush Administration- to help win this vital protection for belugas. The outpouring of public concern and the overwhelming scientific evidence left the administration little choice but to come to the whale’s rescue. If anyone reading my entries were one of those 118,000 comments, like I was, then thank you for stepping up to speak for those who can not speak for them self and may you be blessed. With that said please know that there is still so much to do. The NRDC and EarthJustice along with a coalition of Alaska Native organizations and conservation groups have sued the Department of the Interior because of the rush to industrialize the wildlife filled waters was posing a major threat to polar bears, endangered bowhead whales and the Inupiat subsistence way of life. The court’s ruling orders the government to study and disclose the “significant harm” that the sensitive Arctic environment could suffer from Shell’s drilling. It opens the door for the Obama Administration to take a new approach- hopefully a more precautionary approach to drilling in America’s Arctic. New data have shown that a large portion of the Alaska’s bowhead whale population uses the waters where Shell wants to drill. I believe that here in our great country we have an abundance of natural energy resources that can be used without hurting our environment or wildlife. But it will take work and there would be some growing pain for all but the out come would far out weigh those growing pains….. we have to be responsible for our actions in this world we share with all other life be it small or large…. think about it see what you can find to do to help…… and peace be with you and yours until our paths cross again…. rest easy, stay awhile put your feet up, close your eyes and dream of a better world……. Lila

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