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Entry for January 31, 2009 The Sun is Out & The Sky is Blue!

January 31, 2009


Oh what a wonderful day! I haven’t seen the sun like this in many days. Boy do the outside day crew love this sunshine and cool air. They are all just full of them self. The feeding stations have a waiting line backed up like Atlanta Airport…most all of my day crew with feathers are here…red northern cardinal (including Miss. Lefty, who seems to have a few young male friends hanging a round… spring will be just around the corner), mourning doves, white throated sparrows, dark-eyed juncos are feeding on the ground.. about a half dozen or so of the yellow rump warblers keep cruising by and checking things out. One of the downy woodpeckers and a yellowbellied sapsucker have been battling for the same hangin’ feeder with the dried fruit and nuts….tried to tell them to share but woodpeckers are known for not listening and following instructions…. sort a like men…. I mean human men… the carolina wens are slipping in and eating the nuts and dried fruit while the woodpeckers work out their issues then back to chasing bugs across the patio. The carolina chickadees and the tufted titmouse are lined up on tree limbs awaiting their turn to land refuel with sunflower seeds then back up to the tree to eat their tasty meal….they can sure pack away a lot of sunflower seeds too! The house finch bunch has been a round twice now and you can hear them coming a mile off they are a noisy bunch and the guys are just as loud and rowdy as the gals maybe more so! The only thing louder than them this time of year are those rotten squirrels! And today I mean rotten. They have been running riot full force… been hangin’ from tree limbs, chasing birds in all directions…playin’ in the bird baths, splashing water on any critter that passes by… I had to put a stop to it and made four of them sit in a corner in time out and sent a note home with the ones that still couldn’t play nice….hope they get a good talkin’ to by their mom before they are allowed back to the patio feeding stations…we shall see…. and I haven’t seen any of the red shouldered hawks of late…hhhuuummm…. makes me wonder what they are up to also….. then I haven’t seen mr. and the mrs. brown thrasher either… they are my year round couple … they might be off for a short vacation be fore the hustle and bustle of spring starts… and I think spring will be here before I’m ready for it…. then again I’m never ready to see spring and it’s not that I don’t like spring ’cause I do but it means that then summer is on it’s way and summer and I don’t get along well…. but there isn’t anything I can do about it, so I try and enjoy my cool seasons as much as possible….well better close this one out… always got stuff to do….. but you can stay as long as you like….take a nap enjoy the sun and cool breeze and see if you can hear the birds sweet songs….and be at peace until our paths cross again….. Lila

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