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Entry for February 13, 2009 Red Entry Update: Hey, if it’s broke don’t fix it. Just throw money at it!

February 13, 2009

There is so much going on right now it’s hard to keep up with it all. Still we must be careful. The people who have a tight hold on our energy sources now will have us believe that they have the answer and that is to drill more oil, mine and burn more coal and just keep doing what we are doing but only in a bigger way too meet all our needs right here, all on our own…. sounds good? All on our own…. no more dependency on foreign oil. Do this now because our needs right now are great and we are in danger! Later we can work on finding other, better and cleaner energy. Sounds reasonable and prudent. Only problem is that was said EIGHT years ago and we are still not any closer and they want to keep throwing more money to fix a system too broke to ever be adequate. The money for a temporary fix, once spent will have us no closer to solving our problems than we are today. So why wait? Start now. This would bring new jobs in many fields. Yes some new training. But we always have to have new training….same way it went with the use of computers…. it hurt a little be we made it work. Tell your elected officials to do the right thing and move froward, not to stand still. We do not have enough oil to keep doing as we have been. There is no such thing as clean coal. We can diversify our energy needs to multiple sources. That will make us safer too. It’s a lot harder to bring a nation to it’s knees if you have to target a wide range of energy sources than to just hit one or two like coal and oil. And then there’s that whole “global warming” thing right? All of this seems just too over whelming? Don’t let it. Break it all down into manageable parts. If everyone did just one or two things it would make a huge impact. Change your light bulbs to the compact bulbs… yes they cost more but they last so much longer…. I’ve not changed mine in 2 years and they will last even longer and they save me money on my power bill. Unplug the appliances that you are not using…. might be in for a real shock to see how much power they pull even when turned off. Use only cold water to wash your clothes and wash several loads at the same time so that the dryer only has to heat up one time and this will cut back on your drying time and then do this during non peak times, like at night and you save more money….. just how much could that hurt? Me, I like that kind of pain! Just do something. Go to to help today! There is a Native American Proverb….. “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” Let ours be low carbon……. peace be with you and help you make the changes we all need until our tracks cross again….. rest here and relax and dream of a better world for all to enjoy…… Lila

03/26/2009 Up date…. sorry the above link wasn’t correct…. but is now… again sorry for the inconvenience…. I will be more careful ….. please try the new link there is good info there… thank you….. Lila

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