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Entry for February 17, 2009 So where are they now?

February 17, 2009
"And we won too!"

"And we won too!" *24

So where are they….. last time we were all together was at our Superbowl game and party. And it was a fantastic game too we all had such a great time. The inside crew was here all accounted for….Blu Bell, Jade and Flopper, as were both the outside day and night crew too! Let’s see Fat Mama and Big Mama took their places on the corner posts of the fence… perfect place to view the TV…. as did most of the other grown ups from the Rabbit Family and the squirrels….it also gave them a prime spot to keep an eye on all the young ones… we set up several hanging platforms for the lizard, turtles and a few fat field mice…. yes everyone called a truce until the big game was over. Both of the red shoulder hawks where here as a matter of fact a third showed up a long lost cousin…. all of them perched on the overhanging tree limb which wasn’t a problem with their sharp vision. Then there were all the rowdy young ones….both Tater and Tot found it hard to contain themselves. But Billy Bob and Pinky(which we are now certain is a female) were not any better. For that matter neither were the young squirrels. The best behaved were the young ones of the Rabbit Family. They sat grouped together eating their greens and watching the game …..and the other young ones getting into trouble…lol….Every tree limb was full with just about every bird this side of the Savannah River. All of the young ones…. raccoon, opossum and squirrel alike just had to re-enacted every great play made by the Steelers. Half time was enjoyed by one and all…. and picture all of us sittin’ there with our 3-D glasses…lol… now that was a sight! Every now and then I had to use my water gun to remind some of the critters that the other critters were not part of the snacks…. gotta watch those hawks like a hawk sometimes… during half time Rocco showed up late…. I don’t think that raccoon has ever been on time for anything…lol….but he hasn’t ever missed a free meal. Boy that was a football game if ever there was one! Right up to the last few minutes….. even then the adults couldn’t sit still….lol… both Big Mama and Fat Mama fell off the fence they were jumping up and down so much….. and for days after that the young ones would climb up onto the fence and re-enact “The Great Fall of the Mamas” then roll on the ground laughing until Fat Mama or Big Mama would take a swat at ’em and then chase them around until they all just fall out laughing…. We had a big party after the game to celebrate the Steelers winning the Superbowl. Some of the best food and music you could ever want…. a little bit of everything. All was settling down until the weather suddenly got warm….. and all the critters started acting like they had spring fever….. chasing each other around the bushes and up and down through the trees…. the birds racing each other swooping up then down and so fast through the tree limbs….. I don’t know how they don’t hit into each other! So when the weather got cold again they did nothing but complain…. I over heard the squirrels say that one of their cousins had talked to a friend of a groundhog who said springs was on it’s way and now they were trying to find out if they could sue or something for emotional distress….lol….because they might just have some early visitors this spring….. as in more squirrels! Oh but a few moments of fun can last so long…lol…. and for me that means more food will be needed…..and it started this morning. Only two hours after I put out fresh bird seed the mourning doves with the help of some squirrels took to swinging the feeders into the glass patio doors a mere three feet from my head as I try to get back to sleep…… I don’t know which is going to eat me out of house and home first the critters of the wild breed or my two leg critters that keep coming home with friends and go straight to the refrigerator… I thought those days were gone, but I guess those days are never done….. and that I guess is a good thing….. well better close now, but know that you are always welcome here as long as you like and check out the refrig if you want … everyone else does…lol…. sit back, put your feet up and relax. Enjoy all the wonders of nature we have been blessed with… refill your cup of inner peace and may fulfillment and joy be your companion until our paths cross again….. Lila

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