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Entry for February 25, 2009 Red Entry: Invite To March In March 2, 2009!

February 25, 2009


On March 2, 2009 will be the largest mass civil disobedience action for the climate in US history! CAPITOL CLIMATE ACTION will block access to the Capitol Power Plant in Washington DC. This will be a nonviolent protest to tell Congress that the “dirty coal power plant” that provides their power needs, will and must no longer be tolerated and the outdated plant needs to be replaced with a clean and green power source. For more information and/or to participate go to or . Hope if you can go that you are safe and it is said that if you plan to fully participate bring $50 to $100 to pay fines and be released from jail. There will be training before the protest to instruct on how to do a safe nonviolent protest. Peace and prayers be with you until our paths cross again …… Lila

03/26/2009 Up date continue to check out above CCA link great pics and info…. more than 2500 activists showed up even with the snow! ….. Lila

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