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Entry for March 01, 2009 LET’S CELEBRATE!!! A Win For Utah’s Redrock Wilderness!

March 1, 2009
When there is beauty all a round....

When there is beauty all a round.... *15

Well it’s never too often for me to say let’s celebrate especially when it comes to partying because wildlife and nature win. And it has happened again! This time it’s the battle to save Utah’s Redrock Wilderness. The Interior Secretary has stepped up and canceled the lease sales of the Utah Redrock Wilderness. A stunning victory for the western wilderness. 77 leases canceled and 100,000 acres safe including Arches, Canyonlands National Parks and Dinosaur National Monument and Nine Mile Canyon. All areas rich in ancient rock art and other cultural artifacts. Now I could really get use to this kind of news! So could all my critters ’cause if even one critter or one of our natural wonders wins then so does all of them and us too! OK now my critters are having one of their patio parties…. they are getting wild and woolly….. ’cause it’s chilly out….. they have been doing their snow dance and it might just work but the winds are shifting…. still they’ll party on anyway! Got the grill going ….. they use it as their bonfire to toast marshmallows and keep warm. the music has been cranked up and they all have their dancin’ shoes on….. hoppin’ and rockin’ to “Gimme Back My Bullets” , “Rough Boy”, “Real Mean Bottle”, “Proud Mary”, “Night Moves”, “As Long As I Can See The Light”, “Bad Moon Rising”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, “Sun Spot Baby”, “Gimme Three Steps”, “Against The Wind”, “Leather And Lace”, “Susie Q”, “Saturday Night Special”, “Highway Man”, “The Fire Inside”, “Sweet Home Alabama” and on and on with all of their favorites….. so far no snow just rain, but that’s OK my critters like the rain…. Tater and Tot keep jumpin’ in the water puddles and splashin’ everyone within their reach…lol…. now those two raccoons love water more than any I have ever seen…… there is no keepin’ them out of it and most of the night shift outside crew have learned to live with it since they can’t change ’em. Lord knows Big Mama has tried to teach ’em but there is only so much she can do in such a short time…lol… and it’s not like they are all alone when it comes to mischief …… believe it or not Miss Pinky can give ’em a run for their money when it comes to trouble…. she’s been known to pull a prank or two…. the last time it was on some of the young and rowdy squirrels…. Pinky is most ofter the last of the outside night shift crew to make the rounds….. and she knows how much the squirrels love to jump up fast to grab a good long drink of cool fresh water after a long nights sleep…. so she uses her pretty pink nose and pushes the water bowls right to the edge of the water stands and then sits back on the far corner of the fence to wait…. and she didn’t have long either….. well they all came running through the tree limbs and down the tree trunks then up and over the top of the fence….and right onto the very edges of the water bowls….. and whammmmm! The bowls pop up and throws water right into their faces and then down on to the squirrels drinking from the water bowls on the ground below….. one wet bunch of surprised squirrels! It might have ended there except Miss Pinky couldn’t stop from laughing… almost fell off the fence too… and as soon as they saw her they knew they had been had…… and before I could even blink they where off and runnin’ after her…… I have never seen an opossum run so fast….. it was a few days before I saw her come back around and none of the critters will talk about it to me , so I don’t know if they caught her and she won’t talk or if she got away with it so the squirrels won’t talk…… I may never know….. but they do. Well the party is still goin’ strong and I may go out and join in for awhile and take a dance or two….. I think they have good taste in music…… join us if you like and stay as long as you can. Enjoy the views and be at peace with all that is around you and let joy come into your heart and soul…… until our paths cross again…… Lila

I’d like to note here that through the hard work of many we are able to have this celebration and my update info came from The Center for Biological Diversity and for more info you may go to  http://    ….. Lila

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