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Entry for March 14, 2009 Up Date: Accident or Mismanagement?

March 14, 2009
Macho B

Macho B *11

Just a short up date on Macho B. it seems that the cause of his decline in his health to the point of having to be euthanized was due to the accidental capture and the repeated sedation that caused his organ failure. There are no up to date protocols for this type of a wild life capture and there should be one in place so this never happens again should we ever find an other wild jaguar here in the US. Because Macho B. was the LAST of the wild jaguar left here in the US and once they were plentiful. For more info use this link and in top right corner type in Macho B. and press enter for a full listing on him …..until our paths cross again be at peace with one and all around you…… Lila

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