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Entry for March 17, 2009 Red Entry: Does Ken Salazar Have It In Him To Go All The Way?

March 17, 2009
The odds are now against mom keeping more than one cub successfully because of man not nature.

The odds are now against mom keeping more than one cub successfully because of man not nature. *14


The endangered Polar Bears are in need of our help now! Pres. Obama as given Ken Salazar Secretary of the Interior the authority to rescind the Bush Adm. regulation to eliminate essential protections for the polar bears under the Endangered Species Act. But he can also choose to leave it as the Bush Adm. ordered and by doing so will strip the protection the polar bears need if they are to survive. He has 60 days to act or the regulation goes into full effect. He needs to know that the American people want the polar bears to live…. for our children’s children to see a live…. and not just read about in a book…. or maybe find a few kept alive in zoos….. never to be free again…. as they were created…. to live in it’s natural environment. I have signed a petition to send to him to let him know that I care as do others. I have a link here so that anyone who wants may click and sign an online petition directed to his office. Your information will not be kept or used except to send petition and you can even do this and not have your name seen by anyone except the staff of the Secretary of the Interior…… it only takes a few minutes and you could help save the polar bears! thank you. Please feel free to look around at my other entries and read about my critter tales and relax and enjoy. Be at peace with your self and all a round you that you should then know pure joy…… until our paths cross again……… Lila

I wish to thank the Center for Biological Diversity for the info and all their hard work to make things simple for us to help. For more info here is a direct link …… Lila

03/26/2009 Up date to send a letter and see the count down clock use this link also from the good people at CBD. …. Lila

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