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Entry for March 26, 2009 The Grackles are coming….

March 26, 2009
Beautiful black colored critters with bright yellow eyes

Beautiful black colored critters with bright yellow eyes *17

The Grackles are here! And boy can you say that again! These are only the tip of the ice berg as they say…..I look out of my room on to the wonderful view I have and the bare tree limbs are full of large shinny black birds with very large yellow eyes…..and they love my critter food! They even have my squirrels and the squirrel’s attitude on the run…. they pick up whole kernels of dried corn and swallow them whole with the help of a single drink of water. Yes, spring is on it’s way……. the grackles are here…. we have small numbers that are here year around, but this time of year they migrate through in flocks of hundreds……. mass of black moving noisy clouds that will swooooopppppp down and completely over whelm the normal residential critters. Yes the grackles are here and so are some of my new found friends from the beach….. some of the Yellow Rump(Myrtle)Warblers have started their migration too and have stopped by to pick the few that were vacationing with us for a short time….. and I won my bet too on the who is matched up with who for the spring courtship has begun…… yes spring is on the way. My day shift outside critters are trying to keep up in the their courtship also… the Grackles tend to get in the way…. how romantic can it be when the handsome red male cardinal is trying to feed his lovely female cardinal a dried raisin and a Grackle is trying to step in and run off with the special treat…… who ever said courtship was all fun and games….. it can be very stressful too! I see that Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thrasher have come home from their short vacation…. don’t know where they went but they seem to have refreshed their romance and are acting like this is their first season but I know different…… I love watching them….. you should try watching Brown Thrashers …. they are velvety cream and brown and very graceful….. Oh all most forgot….. we have new critters! Haven’t seen them yet but I know by lookin’ at the new mommy squirrels belly…. yep we got baby squirrels still in the nest…. see that warm spell did it….lol….. so much so little time….. yes the Grackles are here and spring is on the way….. so watch out for spring fever…… I must go now but please stay as long as you like, put your feet up … if you can find room…lol…. relax, watch the wild things and feel the cool breeze and warm sun and dream of spring things….. until our paths cross again……. Lila

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