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Entry for March 28, 2009 Red Entry: Earth Hour

March 28, 2009


Well today is the day you can show that you care about energy conservation and it’s so very easy…… well I’m not going to say even a caveman can do it…. couldn’t help myself there sorry….. but really all you have to do is this…. flick the light switch to the off position….. now don’t panic it’s only for one hour from 8:30 pm til 9:30pm what ever time zone you are in doesn’t matter. You will be in good company because you will be joining in on the third annual Earth Hour today March 28, 2009. All over the world homes, businesses and famous landmarks and buildings will go dark to show support for energy conservation….. even on the Los Vegas Strip and for the first time ever the “Welcome to Los Vegas” will be turned off! So join in and show your support. Spend some time enjoying the evening and maybe watch the night sky with friends and or family….. be at peace with all that is around you and find comfort in doing so…… until our paths cross again feel joy in you heart and soul……. Lila

04/06/09 Update: The reports are in and Earth Hour was considered a success. Over a billion people, businesses, cities and countries all over the globe took part….. some quietly in their homes or businesses and others with well covered news reports and activities and programs all showed their support for a need to change the course of our future energy management and to stop our plunge towards an escalating global warming. This is a good start now we need to keep active in our own ways be they big or small all are important….. just keep moving towards our goals…….. til our paths cross again……. Lila

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