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Entry for April 06, 2009 Red Entry:Do We Let Murders Investigate Themselves?

April 5, 2009
Macho B

Macho B*11

Well here I am doing an other red entry. I don’t like to do these back to back. That means something is very wrong and I’m having to put my critter tales a side…. and they like to have their activities told to all who will listen or read. But we talked about this and they said I must put this out first because it is very important that people know just what is going on and action needs to be taken and not let this slide off into the shadows and not see the bright light of the day and all be held accountable for their wrongs….. so this is what has happened. I’ll start with a little good news first in that jaguars win in the court. US Fish and Wildlife (who have claimed that the wild jaguar in the US was just too rare to warrant protection of it’s habitat or a recovery plan) must reissue decisions on a recovery plan and a protected habitat by January 2010 (even though Macho B. the last known wild jaguar in the US was recently euthanized by the Arizona Game and Fish Department). And this could lead the way for a reintroduction of the wild jaguar into the wild southwest similar to that of the wolf. So that’s the good news. Now the bad…… and I’m having a very hard time right now trying to find words I can use that would truly express just how bad and disgusted I feel about these events…. so please bare with me as I may stumble some in my wording… in my other entries we were told that Macho B. was caught inadvertently in a trap was released and after that was noted to have become very inactive and was recaptured and was diagnosed with kidney failure and was euthanized as stated above…. now a researcher has come forward to report that she was under the direction of a representative of the Arizona Game and Fish Department to bait a trap to catch Macho B. with the scat of a female jaguar. This means that it wasn’t an inadvertent capture and he didn’t die of kidney failure but as a direct result of mismanagement. Now Arizona Game and Fish Department as said they will investigate this claim. I know many right now are saying “You got to be joking, right?” No. No joke. But others have already stepped up and the CBD and Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) are calling for an independent investigation by the US Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement. If this information proves to be correct then I believe all those involved should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that if any good can come of this, that it will be the return of the wild jaguar to be able to once again freely roam what was once it’ natural habitat. I’d like to thank the Center for Biological Diversity for all the hard work they do to protect those that can’t protect them self. They are the primary source of my information on this subject and many of my other red entries updates also. I enjoy the e-news I receive from them and you can also. They deserve all the support we can give them. You can get more information on many of the projects they are working on and offer what ever help you can give be it big or small. Go to . Thank you for taking the time to read this and may you find peace in your mind, heart and soul until our paths cross again…stay as long as you like, relax put your feet up and enjoy the views…… Lila

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