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Entry for April 14, 2009 The Rain Bow After The Storm.

April 14, 2009
Sunset rainbows

Sunset rainbows *59

It has been a few days since our paths have crossed. We’ve not been gone just very, very busy….. very busy indeed! To start with our fair city was host to critters (mostly of the two legged kind) from all over the world. They had come from near and far to see The Master’s National Golf Tournament. My critters have been known to sneak in and blend in to the back ground and watch everything! If you were there or watching on TV you might have even heard some of my sneaky little critters as they kept a birds eye view on things and got carried away and would start singing…..I heard them…. I couldn’t get through those gates either, like so many others….. but I heard some of my Northern Cardinals and Carolina Wrens…… couldn’t mistake them…lol… heard them loud and clear! Yep just about everyone of my outside crew would sneak over there to watch….. some liked to look at the clothes everyone was wearing…..they saw a lot too since it was cold, windy, rainy, sunny and warm….. the young boy squirrels made fun of all the mixed colors and shapes, while the young girl squirrels loved everything they saw and told the boys they have no taste….. which lead too the throwing of old pine cones and left over acorns…… now the birds, well they like watching both the patrons and the golfers but for different reasons…lol…. they keep an eye on the patrons in hopes that one of them will drop part of their pimiento cheese sandwiches (they are said to be the very best… I’ve had one and yes they are the best!) and the golfers because they love watching that ball fly through the air……. a few times they got so caught up watching that they almost got hit by one that came through the trees and then onto the ground….. that almost happened this time during the play off round! Now the Rabbit Family they go to the Augusta National from time to time for special occasions to eat…. they say the grass is just heavenly to taste, but around now they like to go and watch all the people and nibble on some of the tender new growth on the low bushes and on the grass some if they can without being seen and run off…… hop hop hop! And it was Easter too…lol…. they think it is so funny that people think bunnies give eggs…lol…. they roll on their backs and kick their legs in the air….. but don’t tell the kids! Now that’s most of the outside day crew…. and now for the outside night crew….. they haven’t in the past been very interested in going but I haven’t seen an opossum pass up the chance to check out any left overs….. but there are very few as the staff keep things very well picked up….. now last year Rocco stayed up a little late and went during the day for a short visit and was fascinated when he saw the men washing these little balls and was hooked…. now he and yes he’s got Tater and Tot going with him at night to hunt for these little balls and just can’t help himself…. you know raccoons love playing in all the water …. and Rocco just loves to washes those balls over and over and then hides then in the bushes…… I wounder if the staff finds these cluster of very clean golf balls in the bushes and scratch their heads and wonder what’s up with that…lol…. I’ll never tell….. oh yeah ssshhhh don’t you tell either! Now, what’s this all about the rain bow deal? Well in the middle of all this we had some very scary storms and even some small tornadoes come though….. peoples’ home, churches and businesses were damaged or complete losses….. but no deaths here but one to two in the area around us….. but we and all our visitors were safe….. which was a true Easter blessing….. so yes we had a rain bow after the storms and me and the critters enjoyed that rain bow….. so this has been just the high lights of our past week…. there has been much more goings on with the spring fever settin’ in all right….. and that could be a very long tale on it’s own…..soft chuckle…. but it’s a little late for that….. so until our paths cross again…. be at peace in your heart, mind and deed…… come, stay as long as you want…. so pull up a rockin’ chair and have a seat…. put your feet up…. close your eyes and enjoy the song birds and the gentle breeze and warm sun on your back….and think of your own rain bow ……… Lila

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    Just wanted to give a nice blast from the past. This was a post of mine a few Masters ago. Has been one of my favorites and thought it was worth a second read. So enjoy until our paths cross again….. Lila

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