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Entry for April 15, 2009 Red Entry: Murder Even Wolf Pups? Howl To The World!

April 15, 2009

It’s all about the gray wolf and the haunting hunting old Bush Administration still hanging over the very lives of even the wolf pups! Please let them live at least around the Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and the remote Selway Bitterroot ecosystem in Central Idaho. Don’t let them kill adult male, female, mothers and pups a like……. Please send a message to let them live! Go to the link I’ve posted and read the message…. edit it if you like and then click and send……. AND THEN LISTEN FOR THE “BIG HOWL!” And howl with us then tell your friends to HOWL too! …. So until our paths cross again may we hear and share the howls on the wind of the live and free gray wolves…….. Lila

I also want to thank the NRDC and BioGems for info updates to me as a member that make it so easy to do my part and so I can pass this info on to all that want to help too! Their links are of great importance for those of us that must rely on the world wide web to be active…… thank you and keep up the great work……… Lila

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