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Entry for April 26, 2009 Red Entry Bush’s Rule Eviscerates Core of ESA

April 25, 2009
What a beautiful critter!

What a beautiful critter! *8

The clock is ticking and time will soon be up and you may ask just what is at risk now? The Endangered Species Act is what is at risk….. the very heart of the Act it’s self. On March 1, 2009 Congress passed a bill giving secretaries of Commerce and Interior the authority for 60 days to resend the Bush’s eleventh hour regulation rules. One of these regulation rules eviscerates the central core of the Endangered Species Act process – independent scientific oversight – that has protected endangered species for 35 years. Also dangerously excludes global warming, the single greatest future threat to endangered species, from consideration under the Act. Since then we have let Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar hear our voices through online action petitions of more than 80,000 via Center for Biological Diversity and other environmental and animal rights groups have made their voice heard too. Now we have two new faces that need to hear us because they to have a part to play…… and they must know that we know what their responsibilities are and they will be held accountable to do their job and protect those that depend on us to keep them safe. Only recently confirmed as Secretary of Commerce Locke and similarly Dr. Lubchenco as head of the National Ocean Atmospheric Administration. The Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Interior are jointly responsible for the Endangered Species Act. The NOAA is under the Secretary of Commerce which is responsible for marine species like whales and sea turtles. US Fish and Wildlife are under the Secretary of the Interior which is responsible for species like the wolves and polar bears. Now we have until May 9, 2009 to let them hear us and know we want our ESA to stay as strong as it was before the Bush Administration. So as before I only ask that you go to the link I am providing and read the letter** and edit it if you like and then press the send tab and let your voice be heard. As always I must thank the Center for Biological Diversity for the info and link that makes this all so very easy for us to take part in doing our civic duties as proud Americans. Also you can always go to for more info on this topic or just to see everything they are doing or to join in and help. So when you are done there don’t forget to come back here to kick back and relax and read up on what all the critters around here are up to….. and most of all be at peace with yourself and all that is around you …… until our paths cross again….. Lila

**please note the format has changed and you will need to first click on “Two Weeks To Save The Endangered Species Act” then you will see the sea turtle and know you are on the right letter, but you can always look at the other letters while you are there if you like!

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