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Entry for May 03, 2009 The Beauty of Spring!

May 2, 2009



Oh what a beautiful view of Spring I have!

Oh what a beautiful view of Spring I have! *58

The bare tree limbs are now almost completely covered with new fresh spring green leaves and the signs of the renewal of life are every where to be seen! All my critters have taken on a more serious attitude. More of a purpose to their rushing around hunting for food…..not seeing the pairs of critters now just one at a time ….. which means we got babies! So much is going on that we’ll just talk about the outside day crew for now…… that’s enough to fill pages! Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thrasher must have had a nice vacation and was ready to get a head start on their plans to have a new family…… they are the first ones I saw coming one at a time to eat a few bites of food from the feeding stations on my patio and then grab a mouthful and fly off as fast as I’ve ever seen and then back again….. and now all of them are doing the same thing…. Miss Lefty has become a Mrs. now, and her and her new husband will soon be bringing their new little Northern Cardinals to the patio. Did I say all of the critters were moving with more of a mission to complete? Well I shouldn’t have…lol…. although the squirrels for the most part also are busy eating for more than one….. there are a few…. mostly young males that seem to have way to much time on their hands and not a whole lot of sense in their heads…. you would think after once or twice of getting way to close to the females, who have mouths to feed, that they would learn and stay clear of those new mothers…. but they don’t and suddenly there will be very loud bangs and leaves, feathers, fur and critters flying in all directions! And the only ones left standing are the new mothers, firmly holding their ground, at the feeding stations…. with a look on their faces that says come close again and you won’t see the next sunset! And they mean it too! And that was before any of them were bringing the young ones! Yes, before long I looked up and saw one little puff of brown and cream ball of feathers with it’s mouth stretched all the way open begging for food from Mr. Brown Thrasher…. who was pushing bits and pieces of seeds as fast as he could into that ever open mouth! It was so cute too! But as I looked around I was starting to worry, as I only saw one and most years they always had two or three babies….. but no time for me to worry as there was work for me to do…… it was time to put the special mix of dried fruit and nuts and seeds out….. once the new parents start bringing the young ones to the patio feeders, I change to the mix that has been broken down to make sure that every piece is bite size…. makes it easier for the parents to feed the young ones and is easier for them to learn to eat for them self. This both mom and dad tell me helps them so very much. Well I didn’t need to worry because the next day both Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thrasher were back this time with two puff balls of feathers…… seems one was a day behind on it’s flying lessons but was doing well with that one extra day of practice so now both mom and dad were busy pushing food into those wide open mouths and the whole time they would just flap their little wings and beg for more…… things move fast….. they have too….. most will raise more than one family this season…. on the second day mom and dad were giving feeding lessons…lol…. one bite them, one bite for the young ones…. and they learn fast too! Oh and I can’t forget….. they found the bird bath! It was just too cute to see those little puffs of feathers splashing in the water while mom and dad ate and kept a close eye on them…… then the next lesson was how to hunt for food in the leaves {around the compost pile where there is always good picking…. that’s part of why it’s there!} and they caught on fast after a bite or two of big fat worms! Oh, now them little critters say the nuts, fruit and seed are good but the big fat worms are dddddeeeeelicious! Well now I know I’ve been talking and talking about the Brown Thrasher Family…… I do love my state bird…… but fear not all the other critters were catching up fast and before long I had critters and baby critters every where at all the feeding stations and water stations…. and yes they all have found the big bird bath! If you could see all the little critters running here and there from mom to dad with their little mouths wide open and wings flappin’……. as I watched I caught sight of something…. some of the little critters that had all ready been eating on their own seemed to be taking advantage of the confusion with all the little ones and I saw moms and dads so busy poking food into open mouths, they didn’t always make it into the right little mouth…… lol…..cardinals feeding blue jays and blue jays feeding brown thrashers and brown thrashers wondering why they were feeding cardinals, heck why are we feeding anyone? They would get it straight….. for a while…… but as long as every one got feed and went home with the right mom and dad all was well. And in the middle were the squirrels doing their thing….but those boys got slapped and bit by the mom squirrels and got chased around by the mom and dad birds….. especially by the blue jays, brown thrashers and the mocking birds! This will go on for a few more days now and there will be a slight break and then it will start all over again…… but it is so beautiful to see….. so come by some time and check in and see what everyone is up to and stay as long as you like….. that rocking chair is still in it’s same old place, just waiting for company to sit down and stay a spell…. heck put your feet up too! Watch the critters, feel the cool breeze and warm sun on your back and hear the song birds and their little one trying learning their songs……… until our paths cross again…….. be at peace with one and all and feel the joy of spring in your heart…….. Lila

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