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Entry for May 11, 2009 Mother’s Day…..and Double Trouble the Super Squirrel Shows Up Too!

May 10, 2009
"Ahem.... they said mom was here for brunch?"

"Ahem.... they said mom was here for brunch?" *54

Mother’s Day with my two leg critters was a joy and it was a good day for all the other critters too! There are so many new mothers this Spring and that is a big part of Spring, new moms…. well dads too…. but their day is just around the corner and can get their time then….lol….but this is for all the moms now. The moms that could leave the nest…..the ones with fledgelings… enjoyed a wonderful brunch here on my patio. I put out a nice feast for all the critters with wing and feathers of fruit, seed and nuts….. also some fresh bread. I put out some fresh Timothy hay, cabbage, celery and carrots for the other four leg critters that could make it to the patio. I also put out nice cool spring water too! We have a natural spring not far from our home that we go to get real spring water and it is so nice and cool right out of the ground. Now don’t worry, I made sure that all the moms that had to stay at home to take care of the new little critters either had the new dads or friends take nice take out baskets full of everything and the spring water too! When possible the dads took turns too so that the moms got a nice break……. I was going to say a nice quiet brunch….. but that wasn’t what we had….. it was anything but quiet since we had a lot of the little critters of all kinds hopping, flying and running about! Let’s see there was all the rabbits and squirrels…. Oh my! And the birds? Wow, lets see…. {big deep breath..} the Northern Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Red Robins, Blue Jays, Brown Thrashers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Carolina Wrens, Grackles, Mourning Doves, a few of the Downy Woodpeckers, Eastern Towhees, Gray Catbirds, even a few Hermit Thrush, House Sparrows, tons of loud and rowdy House Finches, the Mocking Birds were on their best behavior…not too bossy…. the sweet little Gray Tufted Titmouse and even the Red Shouldered Hawks were playing nice…… we all know by now that any time there is a get together and the squirrels are around things can start to wear thin on even the best and most gentle of spirits….. so I had a back up plan to cover that event. Just when things started to take a turn, I brought out the old cobs I saved{once the dried corn is eaten off the cobs by the critters} and put them back on the spikes on the fence and then I opened a jar of crunchy peanut butter…..suddenly you could hear a pen drop…lol… and I spooned that peanut butter on the cobs! You should have seen it! A row of squirrels all across the top of the fence… just a quiet as church mice….except for the loud smacking and hhhuuummm …. all the other critters just sat there and looked and then smiled at me and said thank you for the best gift ever….. so all in all we had a very large but fun Mother’s Day. We all here hope all of you out there had a good and joyful one too! Well, I think I’m going to call it a day….. but remember you can stay as long as you like…. read awhile, put your feet up and relax….. enjoy the view…. the warm sunshine and cool breeze and dream of your favorite treat….. until our paths cross again be at peace…… Lila

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