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Entry for May 27, 2009 More Critter Photos! Hey, what you lookin’ at?

May 26, 2009
A bad feather day or few...... really!

A bad feather day or a few...... really! *31

I know this male Northern Cardinal may look bad but there is no need to worry! Most birds will shed or molt their feathers this time of year. During the winter they need all the feathers they have so during the Spring { mostly after courting and finding a mate} and Summer what every they don’t need for flying, they molt and new ones will grow out to look like sharp spines and when mature will open to a full feather. Some even puck some feathers to use in their nests. So unless they are acting sick don’t worry it’s normal…… so please keep putting out food and water for them! A bird bath is helpful as the water will help soften up the cover over the new feather and help it come off with less discomfort for the critter…….and they will love you for it and will most likely even let you watch ’em take that bath…… so tell ’em they are beautiful no matter how they look when they are havin’ a bad feather day……. :} …. Lila

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