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Red Action Entry June 01, 2009: USDA Experiment ….Recipe for Disaster!

June 1, 2009


Mom and cub grizzly bear from Yellowstone National Park

Mom and cub grizzly bear from Yellowstone National Park *7

Well the world doesn’t stop nor even slow down because I’m having to find a new home and to prove it here we go….I just got word from BioGems which is a project for saving endangered wild places run by the Natural Resources Defence Council also known as NRDC. This is a fantastic group of hard working people and I am proud to be a member. This is the type of issues you can expect to find in these red action entries …. if you are new to my blog… now down to business…. this isn’t about food, although the USDA is involved and it is a sure fire recipe for disaster and it is very political …. right now there are wild and domestic critters in danger that need our help. Along the border of Idaho and Montana, the grizzly bears along with black bears, wolves and other wild species from Yellowstone National Park, depend on a narrow corridor to access the undeveloped wild lands of Central Idaho. The US Department of Agriculture {USDA} has sponsored an experiment of sheep grazing that currently blocks the grizzly bears and other species use of this critical corridor. It is irresponsible and will only lead to conflicts between domestic sheep and wildlife in this key wildlife habitat that connects Central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park ecosystems. There are other more suitable lands where their sheep research can be conducted. So please help and go to this link and read the letter then edit if you like and then send …. so very easy… nothin’ to it! And you’ve helped….. and it didn’t even hurt one little bit!      In doing this we are protecting both wild and domestic critters alike. Again if you are new to my blog and you love this world we live in you may also enjoy checking out these sites too!  NRDC BioGems …  and an other favorite  The Center for Biological Diversity’s e-news  …     and you can always jump in and join these nice people. Now I’ve got even more work and my critters are calling…. so sit back and relax knowing you have learned something new and have helped those in need that can not speak for themselves….. be at peace in your heart and feel the up lifting joy of your spirit until our paths cross again……. Lila

As always I want to thank NRDC BioGems for the information and updates they send me…. they make it so simple to help.

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