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A Visit from Harry…..

June 20, 2009
Mr. Harry Woodpecker

Mr. Harry Woodpecker *1

 Today I had a nice visit with Harry. He’s a Hairy Woodpecker. He and the Mrs. has been living in the old pine tree near the back of the little wildlife habitat we around here call home. They found our pine tree about three years ago and hollowed out a nice little love nest, that first year things went so well that they have stayed every since. Each year they have up dated it some, made a little more room just for comfort. Asked about the Mrs. and how things are going so far this Spring? Well he said most everything is good. This year they only have four nestlings to raise, unlike the last two years when they had six each year…lol… said it feels real good to have a little break for a change. He said that he has been enjoying the cooler than usual weather during the day while he is out and about, but the nights are a little cool to be trying to keep their eggs warm. So he has been eating as much as he can find and takes some time to drop off a snack or two to the Mrs. during the day while she has her turn keeping their eggs warm just right. I made sure to tell him not to forget to always come by here for seeds, dry fruit and nuts to go along with the bugs and grubs that he’s been huntin’ for….. and be sure to remind the Mrs. to come by at night while she’s having her free time….. ya know the patio light is always on from sunset to sunrise {compact energy saver light bulbs only!}…… always have fresh water too! I know sometimes the outside night crew can be a bit rowdy with the loud music and the young ones runnin’ all over…… the last few nights their poker games have become way too loud even over the new CD from Hank Williams Jr. ….. now you know that is some music to play loud and proud… but they were takin’  things a bit too far like I said…… and it was a week night….. Tater, Tot, Billy Bob and Pinky were the main ones…. ya know when the raccoons and opossums start playin’ card things can get loud….lol…..But I told him that over the week end most of the night crew was gonna be partyin’ to get right with the new CD from Hank…..and I’m sure the Mrs. would love to come by eat a bite and watch them all  put on their cowpoke boots and dance! Even the rabbit families and some of the day crew feathered friends are going to spend the night in the big Sycamore tree, small Pine and  Maple trees next to the patio. I know she will love it like I do…. watchin’ raccoons, opossums and rabbits hopping’ and dancin’ in them cowpoke boots are a real treat! Heck…. if it don’t rain I may even put on my alienskin cowpoke boots and go join ’em!!! If it rains I’ll have to go bare foot…… my alienskin cowpoke boot are a little temperamental they don’t like gettin’ wet….. no sir…. nope…. they get down right nasty… wantin’ to act all up if they get wet……and all my other cowpoke boots are missin’ either a left or right boot! Never, ever loan your cowpoke boots to raccoons, opossums or even rabbits! Well I talked Harry into rememberin’ to tell the Mrs. to come by this weekend ……. and he said Harriet was gonna try and get with me any way ’cause she needs to have a sit down with me and Double Trouble and his mom too! OH my! I should have known that one was coming…lol…. we will talk I promised him I would and tell the Mrs. to come by anytime and just tap on the patio door… she knows I’m always available……. and I’m already workin’ on the DT problem and will want her in put too! So Harry took off to get a bite or two for himself and I sent back with him a nice snack for Harriet too! And I better close now my self and break up the party out on the patio ’cause I see the sun comin’ up and time for all good little raccoons, opossums and even some little bunnies be going to bed……. but you don’t have to go anywhere….. stay awhile…. look around…. pull up that old rockin’ chair over yonder and put your feet up and rest a spell…… the sun’s comin’ up and will be just right soon….. and if ya close your eyes and listen…. you just might hear them little critters hum hum hummin’ some of those new tunes from Hank Jr.’s new CD “127 Rose Avenue”…….I know I am……. so be at peace with all that is around you and have a good tune in your head and love for all in your heart until our paths cross again….. Lila

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