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This is going to be one of those weekends…….

June 27, 2009
Double Trouble the Super Squirrel!

Double Trouble the Super Squirrel! *4

Yes, it is going to be one of those weekends…. at some point during the night the above photo was stuck to the bottom my glass patio doors with a glob of tree sap. Now, I know that it was put there to try and intimidate me or psych me out. I have no doubts in my mind that if I check for paw prints it would be a perfect match for Mr. Double Trouble. But the photo it’s self doesn’t scare me in the least….. now what really worries me?  And THIS IS scary…. how did he get access to a computer and a very good color printer…… think about that one huh! Still no way am I going to stop with the behavior modification if HE continues to act out….. but all of this is just the tip of the iceberg….I’ve been hearing that the critters are planning one real humdinger of a party on my patio this weekend…. now that has at times gotten a little out of control….. lol… a tip off was tonight I saw that masked critter Rocco climb into one of the birdbaths and was standing on his hind legs with his arm out and leaning from one side to the other…… strange… then I knew what he was doing… checking it for balance… now that just might explain why I found a lamp shade in that birdbath after the last BIG and WILD party…… humm… but still at a loss, as to where the one red spiked 3 inch high heel shoe…. size 9 1/2W….. found next to that lamp shade came from. Believe me there were many other things I found around and about my patio and along the edges of our little urban wildlife habitat….. and my critters put the real meaning of “wild” in the word wildlife habitat! There are other signs that a party is imminent….. I have over heard some of the critter talking about putting together a music play list…. I guess they will drop that off for me…then I saw some of the raccoons and squirrels working together and moving their poker table out of the way… yes there will be dancing. Another dead give away, is that here it is Friday night and all is quiet and most every Friday night there is at least a poker game or two going…..but no all is very, very quiet. Since it has been a while since they have had a party I’ll try and set some things up for them and maybe this way I can have some control over it. You know minimize the damage….. yeah as a matter of fact maybe I’ll surprise them! Yeah that’s it! Wait just a second, while I check on the weekend weather forecast…. OK slim chance of a stray shower overnight Saturday night… so that should be OK…. will still be warm though. We did have a much cooler Spring but this week it has been very warm hitting upper 90’s with heat index in the 100’s. I’ll put the mister set up out just in case it gets too warm while they are dancing…I’ll have to sit this one out. I’ll make sure there are fresh fruit and veggies and some nuts and seeds out too….. ’cause I know more than the regular night crew will be here….. a few of the feathered friends will most likely plan on spending the night in the trees around the patio….. recently that area has been taken over by the younger squirrels….. and there is no question that the squirrels will show up too! So it looks like the masked bandits Tater, Tot and Rocco along with Billy Bob and Pinky…. and the new male opossum that has started hanging around Pinky……{ she is going to have to introduce me to her new friend} and all the rabbits  {my gosh there are so many now I don’t know how they even keep up with each other}….. will have some company that don’t usually come around during the night.  That will leave the play list for music. I know it will be a mix and that’s fine I like it that way too. I’ll have…… my man Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos, CCR, Hank Williams Jr. {especially his new CD}, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, .38 Special, The Van Zants, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Josh Turner, Led Zeppelin, Montgomery Gentry, Kenny Chesney, Stones, Toby Keith, Rod Stewart…… that’s just a few. Yeah, I’m really feeling this…OK the party is on…… this could even be a practice run for the 4Th of July Bash! OH YEAH, I’ll have my eyes on you Double Trouble….. if you have found away online to get that picture you left me, then you could be reading this too…. so be warned you mess up at this one and you will be banned from the 4Th party! You’ll have to sit your little Super Squirrels self up on that tree limb and just watch everyone else eating and dancing and having fun…….. and no matter how much you bark at me and puff up your tail…. you still will not be welcome to join in….. so behave….. Well to one and all you are welcome to come and join in and have some fun…… come by…. you can just sit back and watch if ya like…. pull that rockin’ chair up over here in the shade, put your feet up and have a glass of sweet ice tea….. oh yeah…. feel that cool breeze…. catch up on the critter tales…. they’ve been busy little critters….. stay as long as you like… heck even stay and join us for a dance or two……. just DON’T lend your cowpoke boots or any kind of shoes for that matter…lol.. to any of the critters ’cause you’ll never get both of them back….. but then again you would have your own critter tale to tell then too…. either way be at peace with all around you and then you will find peace with in yourself until our paths cross again…… Lila

PS: if you like Double Trouble tales{and cute photos} on the top right “type of entry” select “critter entry” and check out dates 7/11/09, 5/23/09, 5/10/09 and 3/14/09 “safe at home”….. those are some of the best and now we have a new raccoon family too! {see 7/29/09}  Stay and look around and enjoy the views……. Lila

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