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July 4Th 2009 Red Entry: Oh, Now Ya Gone And Done It Sarah Palin!

July 4, 2009
Did she deserve this award? You Betcha!          *61

Did she deserve this award? You Betcha! *61


We have received the best 4Th of July gift that our critters could have ever hoped for and totally out of that bright blue sky we have today! All my critters are doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance all over my patio and swinging from the tree vines and jumping from limb to limb! Why? Well I’m sure you have heard the news, but just in case not…… SARAH PALIN….. IS LEAVING OFFICE OF THE GOVENOR OF ALSKA EFFECTIVE JULY 25Th!!!!! Yes, the critters all over Alaska are sure to be celebrating too! The recipient of the 2008 Rubber Dodo award given by The Center for Biological Diversity, will not be using her position as Governor to further her agenda to destroy all things good and wholesome about the wild lands and it’s critters in the majestic Alaska….. just to sell oil and gas at what ever the cost to the very back bone of Alaska…. it’s wildlife…..waterways, tundra, glaciers, fauna, views of endless snow capped mountains and vast species of critters big and small that are in danger…… yes, these are good reasons to be glad at her leaving and the sooner the better…… BUT….. she must be watched……. she is so unpredictable in her behavior, that lord only knows what she might get into her head next and send her on the way to do more harm to those that can’t defend themselves….. but the old saying “If you can’t take the heat , then get out of the kitchen!” and if she can’t handle the press and everything that comes with it…. then may be she should just stick to her hangin’ out pool side totin’ her gun while others drink beer, smokin’ cigarettes while supervisin’ the young one with a gun also….. see post Red, White and Blue… Sarah Palin OMG….. if your smart you just don’t pose for pictures like that and expect to have immunity from the press questions….. and you say you are going to be a positive influence for our children…. get real! ….. NOT MY CHILDREN YOU WON”T!  Now after all this you might just be thinkin’ you democrats are always takin’ a poke at her……. wrong! ….. I’ve been a die hard GOP since I first voted after my 18Th birthday in 1978……but lately….. I think I’m leanin’ more towards Independent…. but back to the real point…… We are going to have one hell of a 4Th of July wingding and humdinger of a party and this news is just icing on the cake…… THANK YOU SARAH PALIN! We will pray for you and your children and that you will see the light of our true calling here and that includes being a good, kind and wise shepherd to all on the earth that the good Lord gave us and expects us to take care……. for not one sparrow falls in death that the Lord knows and keeps an accounting of……… critters and critter loves …… live, love, celebrate all life we have been blessed with and the freedom we have in this country and be at peace within your hearts until our paths cross again……. Lila

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