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A Blast From One Of Those Weekends Through To The Next One!

July 11, 2009
"Who? Me?" Double Trouble......    *61

"Who? Me?" Double Trouble Surper Squirrel...... *62

 Well we had our pre 4Th of July blast and it was so much fun we just kept it going all the way through the 4Th…… but it almost didn’t! Yes! Double Trouble most likely was the critter behind it, but couldn’t prove it and after a stiff and stern warning things went smoothly there after…… oh? OK I guess I should say what happened huh?  As I was working to get things set up and ready, I heard loud screeches and crying coming fast towards the patio and before I knew it I had little critters of all kinds coming straight at me…… I couldn’t make heads or tails from a thing anyone of them were trying to tell me and then I saw Mrs. Brown Thrasher fly up and drop a picture down to me and with a nod of her head she turned around and headed home …… and when I looked there was DT and he said “Who? Me?”  “I didn’t do anything!”…… but I think he did….. the photo was a copy of the picture of Sarah Palin holding a gun while in her swimsuit {see photo in “Red Action Entry” category  date 7-4-09 ‘July 4Th,2009 Red, White and Blue Sarah Palin ….. OMG!”} and a misspelled note that said she is gonna quit her job so she can go hunt critters everywhere and here might be next! It took me a while to calm the critters down and explain that even if she did quit her job she wouldn’t come here hunting and then I told them all about the party and they cheered up fast…….. then I found Double Trouble and gave him a verbal warning and didn’t want to hear any denials from him…… maybe he might want to keep an eye out and make sure no one does anything ’cause if they do he will be blamed…….. and he did do well no more trouble from him and the party started rock ‘n’ rollin’…… we got the grill going and used it as a fire pit so the critters could have smores….. we had all kinds of fresh fruit and raw veggies and nuts and lots of spring water ’cause it was still warm even at night and this carried through the day time too! It would slow down some as every one would catch a quick nap or some would go home so others still with babies {most are on their second or third round by now and needed a break!} could come and have their turn to relax and have fun! Just when I thought the party was closin’ on down another whole group would show up and keep it going……. I think we had critters from all over droppin’ in…… some of the feathered friends was spreadin’ the word! We did get some rain now and again but that only made it better…. you should have seen them critters dancin’ in the rain!! We had all the feathered friends this side of the Savannah River {probably the other side too!}, squirrels poppin’ up from every where, Rocco, Tater, Tot and other raccoons I’ve never seen before…..Billy Bob, Pinky and her new guy pal Tony and a brand new opossum baby ….well really a juvenile but looks like a baby…..Jo Bo….. so cute too! But will be a real spitfire from what I’ve already seen! The hawks came and went as they liked but understood that just like at our super bowl party the smaller critters were not on the menu! Some of the turtles and lizards too…..they loved using the birdbaths and not having to worry about being eaten! And at least six generations of the Rabbit Family….. now they were really gettin’ everyone going….. they loved my main man Bob Seger… we had the music blastin’ and the rabbits were hoppin’ and boppin’ to Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll, Sunspot Baby, Come To Poppa, Mary Lou,  and they loved Night Moves, The Fire Inside,  and Shame On The Moon. We had CCR doin’ Susie Q, Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising and also tons of Lynyrd Skynyrd like Saturday Night Special and Double Trouble {my Double Trouble anthem}….. and we had to have Hank Williams Jr. too including some of his new CD….. like High Maintenance Woman and Farm Song{which had the younger rabbits just rollin’ on the floor laughin’ til it hurt….hehehe… too!} then when they wanted some slow dance music they loved Josh Turners’ No Rush….. yes my critters have every good taste in music….. there was so much more I can’t even come close to listing it all! Yes, I slipped on my alienskin cowpoke boots and danced with ’em some….. even howled at the moon a few times…….. these critters will be talkin’ about this long wild party….wellll….. ’til we have another week and a half long party…lol….Me? I’m still recoverin’ from it all…. and I didn’t even tell about the fireworks! Let me just say this … it was fantastic! and we didn’t set anything on fire either! Well, I had better close this one on out…. but you can stay as long as you like…. look around….. move up to the category drop down box and pick a subject…. critter entry is where this one is found and the” best of” are good ones too….the photo of Sarah Palin is under “red action entry…. 7-4-09 red, white and …..” that’s a must see  hoot too! Or  check out the first entry that tell how this all began…WELCOME TO LILA’S ROOM WITH “VIEWS” the one in all caps…. and come back as much as you like…… pull up your rockin’ chair and put your feet up and relax for awhile, enjoy the views while the warm sun rests on your back and the cool breeze mosey by ya every now and again…… you might even hear some faint echos from our last party or workin’ on our play list for the next one, so keep a song in your heart and let joy put a skip in your step until our paths cross again…… Lila

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