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A New Raccoon Family Has Moved In!

July 29, 2009
Little Moma and Benny, June and BeBe     *67

Little Momma and Benny, June and BeBe *67

 I have gotten the best news I have had in a long while and just when I thought my critter families here were getting smaller. Since neither Tater nor Tot seem to be thinking about babies and if Rocco has then his gal must be somewhere else. And I’ve not wanted to post about the untimely passing of both Big Mama and Fat Mama…. yes they have passed and it wasn’t by natural causes…. but to that later…. now is good news….. yes! The raccoon population is growing again. Welcome to Little Momma and her little ones….. Benny, June and BeBe! So far Little Momma is holding her own with the other raccoons and taking good care of her little ones….. and that is a good sign since this looks to be her first. She seems a little bit adventurous too…. and all three of the little ones follow right behind her with out a moments hesitation….lol…. loves the high wire act way too well! BeBe is the smallest of the three but she is the first to try out new things….. she’s all over the place in between eating a bite or two. Now Benny and June….. well have you ever seen the movie “Benny and June” with Johnny Depp…. well check it out sometime it’s a great movie and these critters are just like them….. a little nutty but belong together….. I think out of the three…. BeBe will strike out on her own but just like Tater and Tot…… Benny and June will most likely stay together until they are ready to have families on their own….. so looks like we are in for a real treat….. now if I can keep them off the roof and not get in the attic….. note to self…. have the attic checked out to be safe and sealed. Critters of any kind in the attic are not fun and could be a safety hazard especially for fire if the wiring gets chewed up. Almost forgot what it was like to have little raccoons around…lol… you should see them…while mom tries to get them to eat…. she is trying to teach them how to catch big fat roaches….. yes that’s what I said…. around here we get ’em big…. you know the ones that fly….. palmetto bugs, water bugs…. what ever you call ’em….. well they eat ’em… as do the opossums and most all of the critters do too…… they work better than any other form of pest control…. but I digress….. Momma is trying to teach them to hunt for their dinner and at first they really aren’t into it….. yeah…. now you are getting it….. once they saw how fast those little bugs run….. well no more encouragement was needed….. later I’ll have to pick up the bird bath and fix the feeders too….. I’ve never seen a raccoon hang by it’s back legs and catch a bug then eat it while still upside down…… ohhh little BeBe…… yes that one’s gonna be a mess….. Benny may well stay with June but it looks like Benny will not share…… Benny fell off the fence while June tried to get Benny’s bug…..was trying the one bite for you and then one bite for me pleasssssseee! Didn’t work and then clunk down went Benny…… still eating that big fat bug….. Little Momma just looked….. then flushed out an other bug and June ran after it and got her own….. yeah Little Momma is going to be a good mom….. gosh all this eating talk is making me hungry…. think I’ll go get a snack before bedtime…. no not a bug….. cheese and crackers and a cup of milk sounds good to me…… now you can stay as long as you like…. have a snack too and sit back and relax and enjoy the view…. just put your feet up and rock for awhile…. and peace be with you and maybe before our paths cross again you will be able to enjoy the laughter of children and their family as they spend time together……….. Lila

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