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Dragonflies, Fire Flies and Double Trouble the Squirrel!

August 12, 2009
Hines Emeral Dragonfly    *69

Hine's Emerald Dragonfly *69

                                             “Dragonflies and fireflies are a summer’s mainstay

                                                                       one comes with each sunrise

                                                                 the other at the close of each day!”


The slow long lazy dog days of summer are upon us and the cycle of warm damp mornings, full of dragonflies buzzing here and there, turning into hot sunshiny days chased away by late afternoon thunder storms and the evening damp skies alight with dancing fire flies…….. we await the change of seasons…… knowing that summer will soon be coming to an end…….to just sit here in my rocking chair and enjoy the breeze and dream about Fall….. huh! Oh, Double Trouble just had to stop by……. he wanted to ask me some questions about “girls”, now he is just a little to young yet but he’s starting to think about them, right now he want to impress them….. show them how smart he is….. not just good looking and strong…… “yeah right DT”  and rolled my eyes…. so he wants me to answer some questions he has…. like where do dragonflies go at night and where do fire flies go during the day and just where do they all go in the winter time? Why is the sky blue and tree leaves green and why do some change color and fall off and some stay green all the time and don’t fall off when the other ones do?  Oh, and why do sunflower seeds taste sooooo gooood? Why does peanut butter always stick to the roof of my mouth?  How come them Mourning Doves can drink water right out of the water bowl and all them other feather heads have to slurp then look up to the sky when they drink? I stopped him there and told him to not call the other critters names… that’s not nice….. just then a pretty little gal squirrel popped her head over the top of the fence to see if I had put out any special treats and smiled at us. Double Trouble looked at me and said “If you need me to help you learn anything else just write it down and I’ll read it later and then come tell you all you need to know…. now I have to go cause there are a lot of questions for me to help find all them answers…anyone needs answers they come to me!” And he jumped up to the top of the fence in one leap and one really big jump and he was climbing the vines up into the tree…. then looked back to see if she was watching him and off he went. Yep, we need answers we go to him alright… mostly cause he was the source of the problem! Oh boy!  Like a frisky two year old with raging hormones…lol….he had a lot of questions and who knows if he’ll come back for the answers or not…. but I’ll answer him IF he will sit still long enough to listen….. now that would be amazing! Maybe I should tell him it’s “the slow long lazy dog days of summer”….. seems like that’s something else he doesn’t know…lol….. now maybe I can go back to my rocking and enjoying…… hummm….. yeah…. ahhhhh…. now that’s nice….. always keep that spring time feeling in your heart but take time now to enjoy these last days of summer….. peace be with you until our paths cross again……… Lila


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  1. wrought iron outdoor furniture permalink
    August 19, 2009 6:24 am

    This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

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