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Red Action Entry: Off With The Tops Of The Great Smokies!

September 5, 2009

{click on photos to enlarge for a more detailed view}

 OK which view looks best to you, the before or the after? Some have no problem with the after view because they are the ones who are profiting from this form of coal mining….. yes that is what they are doing. They blow up the tops of the mountains then strip mine for coal…. nasty dirty coal. They use extreme amounts of water resources to do this,  then the poisonous run off drains into the creeks, then into streams and into the rivers that then flow into the ocean….. the amount of water used alone is a problem because of draught in these areas and more so down stream… that effects even me and my area… it kills fish and other water critters and wildlife that depend on the water. We are fighting desperately to stop this assault on the environment and my home area…. coal isn’t cheap when you look at all the costs to mine it and the harm to our environment will cost also. Now for the real kicker here?VERIZON WIRELESS who talk out of one side of their mouth to shout how “GREEN” they are….. well behind their back they are spending big money and are even openly supporting the Labor Day Rally in West Virgina to show support for mountain top removal of that nasty coal. They have been asked and petitioned to withdraw their support by some of the groups that I belong to and others….. these are the Center for Biological Diversity ; Natural Resource Defence Counsel ;  Defenders of Wildlife  ; Rainforest Action Network ; Green Peace USA ; Friends of Earth ; Appalachian Voices ; Christians Caring for Creation.  Me, I don’t use Verizon Wireless but if I did, I would no longer use their services, I still added my name to the petition of over 80,000 to tell them to stop this kind of support that hurts the environment that they say they care about…..if you support them{Verizon Wireless} then you DO NOT SUPPORT OUR ENVIRONMENT! It looks like VERIZON WIRELESS has their eyes on the green MONEY and not the environment! Tell them to walk the walk if they are going to talk the talk…….. well folks be at peace with in your heart  and do what you think is right….and feel the comfort of all the natural beauty around you until our paths cross again …. maybe even by some cool clean stream…… Lila

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