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I Have not been feeling great, but this wasn’t called for…..

September 11, 2009
Turkey Vulture.....Still Lookin' For Me?!   *7

Turkey Vulture.....Still Lookin' For Me?! *76

Turkey Vulture.....lookin' for me?!   *7
Turkey Vulture…..lookin’ for me?! *77
Well folks I’ve not been feeling very well of late and my critters have been worried but I’m gettin’ better….. I think…. lol… or I was thinkin’ that until I woke up and found a brand new critter hangin’ out on my patio ….. can’t tell ya how weird it is to wake up and roll over, rub my eyes…… see somethin’  BIG at my patio doors … mind you all of about two feet from my head…..put on my glasses…. can’t see a darn thing much now without ’em…… not gettin’ old…..but there stood this huge Turkey Vulture lookin’ at me lookin’ at him lookin’ at me….well that could go on for a really long time but won’t bore ya with it.  I tried to shoooo it off….. stepped out the doors…. it flew to a tree limb just over my fence and then I saw one on my roof over my bed room….. Now did they know somethin’ I didn’t? OR maybe that rowdy Double Trouble my Super Squirrel had somethin’ to do with this? That trouble some squirrel has been getting into all kinds of trouble all around the neighborhood and I’ve had to use some very moving behavior modification….. moved up from super soaker to the air pellet gun and a few times he just sat there on the fence barking at me his tail all puffed up….. I shot to his left and to his right and even over his head and he still sat there unmoving and barking at me…… so I got him on his bum and he jumped stright up in the air about three feet and fell off the fence ….. ran up the nearest tree and ran until I couldn’t see him any more and didn’t for a few days….. all was calm and the feathered friends were eating in peace and singing their pretty songs…… then I woke up to vultures…… hhuuuummmm? Well I had to shoooo them off with the broom and haven’t seen them since…… but DT….. I saw him sittin’ up high near the top of his favorite tree…… yep… it looks right in to my room…… yeah….. he just might have been behind it alright……. he’s a sly one……… hope no one else is havin’ squirrel problems like this…. if so…. know there are at least two Turkey Vultures who can be hired ……. so until our paths cross again….. just keep an eye out for the vultures……… Lila
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