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Oh My, Oh My How The Time Does Fly Bye!

September 16, 2009
"Ms. Lila Byrd Where Are You Gal? We All Gotta Chat!"

"Ms. Lila Byrd Where Are You Gal? We All Gotta Chat!" *78

Yes, yes I’m here and I’ve been there and a little of everywhere!  Oh, all the wild ones and feathered friends have been wanting to have a end of summer party as it will not be long before the first day of fall is right a round the corner! Soon some of the feathered friends will be heading further south for the winter and a whole new crew will be coming in for the winter here. All the feathered friends are closing out their last clutch of eggs and fledglings and soon to be juveniles ready to leave and head south for the first time…. it will be both sad and exciting for them and a new start…. when they come back they will have courting on their minds and starting their first families….and I haven’t even finished posting all their photos from this season!! I’m going to have to get on the ball and get them posted….. soon I’ll have winter photos to post… so can’t get too far behind….. and all the wild ones have been in and out of trouble…… that trouble some Double Trouble…. is a mess…. never seen a squirrel like him and I hope I don’t for a long time to come too!!! I’ll try and let them have their party on my patio…. we’ll see the new raccoon family… they’ve been keeping a low profile of late and that’s OK with me…… and we will all miss both Big Momma {Mother of most of my raccoons} and Fat Momma {mother to most of my opossums} since the untimely deaths….. but such things do happen in the real world… some people don’t understand the role these critters play in our ecosystem….. then they complain about the bugs and vermin….. and that’s what they eat….take them out and the other grows out of control with no predators…… but enough about that…. we will have that party…. I will get the photos posted and all will be in order and running smoothly and all will be well with the world…….duh….. who am I trying to fool…lol….it will be the normal chaos and mayham…… we all get ready for the change of seasons may we all take time to sit back and rock awhile and enjoy the close of summer and enjoy the coming of fall….. I really love this time of year…… I hope you do too and can find peace and joy in all you do until our paths cross again…….. Lila

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