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November 3, 2009


My how time moves on. Has it already been a year? Will must be since the Center for Biological Diversity has announced this years winner of the Third Annual Rubber Dodo Award. The 2008 winner was Sarah Palin and now the award is passed on to another well deserving person.  The award goes to Michael Winer for 2009. Press release from the CBD Endangered earth online at  reads “Says Center Senior Counsel Adam Keats:”Under Winer’s money-obsessed leadership, TAREX has become the poster child for unsustainable, endangered species-killing sprawl… There is good reason that even Wall Street commonly calls TAREX a ‘real estate vulture.'” For more information and the full press release click on the link in this post or the one on my blog roll for the Center for Biological Diversity to the home page and then click on press releases at the top of the home page. Please feel free to read and take a good look around the site. You can always jump in and help at what ever level you like….. and just reading and passing on the information is a good way to start to help. One day we may not find anyone to give the Rubber Dodo Award. Wouldn’t that be great? Pass on an act of kindness to just one person and see how you feel and may you walk on the trail of hope and peace until our paths cross again….. Lila

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