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Murder By Lead Poisoning…. A Red Action Entry

November 11, 2009



Condor *81

I want to start this by saying right up front, I am NOT a vegetarian nor a vegan and I firmly believe that there is not one thing wrong with hunting and fishing….. as long as it is done for food or “catch and release” if fishing and say, you have your limit but still want to enjoy the out doors. It’s great as long as you are following the laws that are there for the benefit of future generations to enjoy. I think there is nothing wrong with having guns….. as long as you follow the laws and are trained and keep them locked up when not in use. Now with that out-of-the-way, I have a MAJOR bone to pick with the National Rifle Association and their stance on the continuation of the use of leaded ammunition. Just why do they feel it’s OK to use something that is directly causing the profound suffering and long drawn out death to our endangered…. NO let me change that….endangered or not …..birds of prey and other wildlife? There is not even ONE GOOD REASON FOR THIS!!!! They leave the carcass of their kill with the spent lead still in the animal, that then poison the dead carcass and everything that then feeds on that carcass. Changing to ammunition that doesn’t contain lead is not a big deal….. so why not DO IT? I just don’t understand this behavior. Why call the Center for Biological Diversity “extremist” for pushing to stop this lead poisoning. WHY put a multi-million dollar  legal team together to fight over this horrible, senseless murder? Don’t they have a better use for their money? If they need help thinking of some just ask me.  I’ll gladly work on putting a list together of some very worthwhile projects that millions would be a God send. But no, instead they want to keep on with this insanity and have now put some very special critters basically on death row. Because that is what this is really all about, the California Condor is such a beautiful bird. Some don’t think so but when you take time to watch them as the soar through the sky so very graceful and yes majestic works well to describe them too. They were on the edge of extinction in the 1980’s and only with much hard work by captive breeding and release they have started to grow in numbers…… that is until the hunting with lead ammunition started killing them off. But only after long agonizing torturous suffering.  Oh yeah, a few do live…. after multiple painful blood transfusions, that are as costly as they are painful. Don’t think they are the only ones, because they are not, even our American Bald Eagle is killed by the same type of lead poisoning. All of this continues to happening while the Condor is still on the Endangered Species List! So, someone maybe from the NRA might like to explain themselves…… because as I have said their actions make NO sense….why waste all those millions. I want to thank the CBD for some of the back ground information and all the hard work they do for all critters great or small and all the places those critters live. If you would like to help…. PLEASE click  here  and look around their web site and see what you might be able to do to help these wild critters and their homes. Also feel free to look around my blog for other environmental posts, my “critter tales” or “just a look on the lighter side…. of the dark…” and may you walk in peace and harmony with all critters great and small until our paths cross again…… Lila                                                            

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