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Hello Holidays! May the Parties Begin….

November 25, 2009

"Come One, Come All and Don't Be Late!" *82

My critters have grown very impatient with me over the last few weeks because I’ve not been feeling very well. Now it’s the start of the Holiday Season and they need to know all will be well ….. Soo… the party is on! Yes, we are having the Pre-Thanksgiving Day party on my patio to start as soon as the sunsets. The word is out…. always tell a rabbit first and it will spread far and wide…. not that they gossip or anything… it’s just that there are so darn many of ’em! It will be a very busy day today…. it will start soon as the sunrise is not far off. For the critters will be pulling out and putting on their happy pants and dancing shoes! Oh yes, there will be fun and lots of dancing to great music and as always plenty of food for all the different critters. Lets see….. our new raccoon family is still around Little Momma, Benny, June and Bebe. Tater and Tot and Rocco are also around. Then the opossum gang… now consists of Billy Bob, Pinky and her guy pal Tony…oh and can’t forget that rowdy little JoBo! A host of squirrels and one that needs some behavior modification from time to time…. that would be none other than Mr. Double Trouble The Super Squirrel who is a little upstart juvenile that might not make it through his first full season if he doesn’t learn form his mistakes. But I digress…. moving on now…. we have snakes, turtles, lizards, field mice and tons of rabbits as I have mentioned earlier. And birds! Lots and lots of birds. The ones that are here year around and that includes the Red-shouldered Hawks…. oh yeah the “for hire” Turkey Vultures{they better be careful since its turkey day… and some folks been having hard times…hehehe..}. Our feathered friends…. yes for this short time we still have a few of our summer friends here and some of our returning wintering friends too! It is so nice to have all of them together… well as many as we can as some have left and not all are here yet. By Christmas the full change over will be in place. For now we will enjoy one and all as we party the night away. We will have that fire going. Some of the critters will get a poker game or two going but for the most part we will be dancing! We will be hoppin’ and boppin’ to our man Bob Seger and the new CD by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some of Hank Jr. too! Led Zep, CCR, Blackfoot, 38. Special, Stones,Bonnie Raitt, Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos, Josh Turner and some ZZ Top Too! We like a mix of tunes…lol…. and there will be others….. the critters make a cool play list. And yes I will be out there too. I need a good party….. I’m gonna get my alien skin cow poke boots out of the attic…. it’s been raining and they can get down right pissy if they get wet so I haven’t been able to take them out much….. so they were making a lot of noise that upset the critters so I had to put them in the attic to calm down. I think it is safe enough now for me to bring them down and take them out of the Debbie Myers zip-lock green bag. So once I shake ’em out and let them adjust to the temp change…. they should be just right for a real long night of wild dancing…… we both need that to get the Holidays off to a good start! So just what will all of you out there gonna be doing? If ya are close…. just stop on by…. you’ll know when ya find us…lol…we party like none other….. just bring your dancing shoes and your happy pants if ya got some and shake a leg with us….. eat, drink and be very, very merry! Be happy, love and share until our paths cross again….. Lila and all the gang!


PPS: For any of my new readers please know that when we have our parties and during the Super Bowl all the critters agree to not try and eat any of the other critters…lol… some times I do have to remind the Red Shouldered Hawks that the other smaller critters are NOT part of the snacks….. and so far so good!


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