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Seems Like Only Yesterday….

December 7, 2009


Gosh it’s been more than a week since the end of our Thanksgiving party! I’m still trying to recover…lol…. but some are wanting to know when will we have another party. Little Momma {above} and her little critters Benny, June and Bebe stopped by to say thank you for the fun party and dropped off a few missing items they recovered. Happens every time we have a party. They found two lamp shades, one on a neighbor’s roof three houses down and one in a tall bush next to the stop sign at the end of the block…… and one lone black and brown cow poke boot {RT} size 12 1/2 men’s found on the very top of a sapling Maple Tree on the very back-end of our little urban wildlife habitat! Don’t want to know how they all got to where they were found…… believe me, you will sleep better not knowing these things….. I know. So guys if you are missing a cow poke boot let me know I got one now with out a match. I was sure to thank Little Momma and her little critters for bringing them back to me….. I know I can always count on my raccoons to find and bring back my lost stuff….. yes raccoons are good that way. I thought I was going to have to send out a search party to help me find my alien skin cow poke boots…. them darn things got away from me! I hate it when they do that! I thought they were as worn out as I was but I was wrong….. they still had some spunk in ’em and took off…lol…. as it turned out they came sneaking back in when the temp dropped. They dislike very cold weather almost as much as they hate getting wet. Now some may be asking themselves just what are these ”alien skin” cow poke boots? And what’s the deal? OK this is all you’ll ever need to know about my boots…. it’s not safe to know too much about them…hehehe…. well we have some very good poker games on my patio, mostly the night crew…. the raccoons, opossums and rabbits and from time to time we allow a few cats to sit in on a hand or two {ya have to watch them they cheat! I love cats but they cheat when they play poker! Almost as bad as squirrels!!} and to round things out once or twice a month a couple of our alien friends stop to play. I will sit in on a game or two myself and it was at just one such game that lead to me getting my boots. I loved playing poker with the little grays the best. They are very smart but it took them a few games to come to understand the very fine art of bluffing…lol… now these little gray aliens will shed their skin once a month or so, it was one of those time that we all decided to play some strip poker {one of the rabbits made the suggestion} …. well I’m sure you see where I’m going…… I bluffed my way through that game and they lost…… they lost real bad……. so I made a deal and they made me my boots. It took the skin from one of them to make each boot…. ’cause they are the  “little” gray ones. Now I just thought they looked cool ’cause when the temp changed they changed color and when you touch them they simmer different colors too! But I got a surprise also! The aliens may still be getting the last laugh though….. these alien skin cow poke boots have an attitude all their own and a mind of their own. They have likes and dislikes and can be somewhat of a behavior problem to boot…. sorry for the pun… BUT once I have them on they MUST mind me and do what I ask as long as it is within their limits of activities……basically can dance, jump and leap as high and far as I want and not feel tired {until I take ’em off anyway} but once off I have to keep them in a Debbie Myers zip lock green bag or they will try and run off to have fun all on their own and that could lead to trouble and too many questions from some that might want to see just what makes them tick…… not a good thing for anyone involved! So that’s the story behind my alien skin cow poke boots. Oh, one last note I no longer sit in on any poker games when the little gray aliens are playing…… ’cause they may want to play strip poker again and they  know the fine art of bluffing now and I DON’T shed my skin!! I hope this answers some of those questions or did it stir up more?  Oh well I’ve tried…lol… now I must get the feed out for my outside day crew….. Double Trouble the Super Squirrel is sitting on the fence right now looking at me and then the empty feeding stations as are many of my feathered friends……. have a good day and spread joy in this season of giving and don’t play poker with any of the little gray aliens until our paths cross again……. Lila

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