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It’s Not Their Fault…. It’s YOURS! A Red Action Entry…

December 14, 2009


  Pardon me for one moment …….push….shove…drag….groan…push….stomp…step…..phew…. OK now that I have my soap box in place and I am firmly standing on it ….  I have a bone to pick with you. And you know who you are…. every single one of you. I need not name names…. there isn’t enough space here to do that even if I wanted to list all of you. The problem I have is the ever-growing population of stray cats and dogs for the most part,but there are other critters that have once been “pets” that are then “set free”. I spent the better part of the day trying not to be mad at the stray cats that found their way into my little urban wildlife habitat in the daytime hours and found the temptation of live food just too much to resist and was able to kill one of my male Cardinals. I do my best to provide a safe feeding area for my outside day crew of critters and have been able to keep the strays away during the daytime. This is fast becoming a serious problem around our neighborhood. I have seen three separate litters of kittens…. all strays….in the last month. It breaks my heart to see this, as they didn’t ask to be born homeless. In the past I’ve tried to catch them and find homes for them but I can no longer. There are just too many. Our animal shelter is over loaded as are the others in and around our city. They are filled with unwanted cats, dogs {of all ages, sizes and breeds} and also a variety of exotic critters {rabbits, birds, snakes, turtles, ferrets, hamsters and so on…} some of which are dropped off at night. I have been told by shelter workers that so many of the pets that are being turned over to them are loved by their owners but due to job loss and money problems they just can’t afford to feed and care for these pets any more, even some of the night-time drop offs have notes left saying the same thing and are ashamed to drop them off face to face. These shelters are over worked and under funded. These strays are breeding every time they come in cycle. They cause problems with property damage while trying to find a safe place to sleep and give birth. They get into trash and compete with other natural wildlife. They are also killed by other strays or wildlife or by cars. Theirs is a miserable existence….. not a real loving life, like they should be living. Why? Simple because of you…. all of you who don’t have you pets spay and nurtured. All of you who let your pet dog or cat roam free outside and are not spay or nurtured. There is not one good reason for there to be even ONE stray cat or dog let alone thousands! I can’t even count the number of times I have heard some stupid human say “Well my pet is a male and yes I let him out and no he isn’t fixed….I’m a man and I’m not gonna take my pets manhood away!  If them people have their female fixed then there wouldn’t be no problems…. fix them chicks!” Now that’s just stupid and I’m not sure how to fix stupid…. except to ban them from having pets or mandate by law to have all pets “fixed”. The truth of it is that males are the easiest and cost less to neuter than female cats and dogs to spay. Another thing that would put a stop to this runaway over population and it is the LAW too! All dogs AND cats must be on a leash and under the control of the owner/walker any time they are outside or be in an in closed yard that prevents them from getting out and prevents others from getting in to the enclosure. So please, take your pets and do whats right and have them spay or nurtured. Check around your area you may be able to find a discount or some other way to find a way to cover the cost. If you have a veterinary school near by they may do it for free or discounted. Don’t buy pets out of some shop…. go to the shelters and some of them may have the critter “fixed” for you at no or little cost. Check with your local ASPCA. If you are able to do this on your own, maybe think about making a donation to go towards helping someone else who may not be able to afford having this done for their new pet. My grandmother set up a program {long before the Internet came along…lol..} to help get all cats and dogs spay and nurtured. She found two vets in her area that agreed to do a discount for anyone she referred to them. She had a separate phone put in at her home and then spoke with her local news paper and got them to run a small ad in the paper every day for free. The ad listed her new phone line number and said to call and ask for a discount coupon for their pets to be spay and nurtured. She would then get their mailing address and would alternate between the two vets and mail the coupons she herself  printed. She paid for the phone, printing and mailing supplies…. then she would take her two dogs for a walk to the post office to mail the letters…. she was in her 70’s. We have the Internet now, so if anyone would like to try to do something like this in your area it should be very inexpensive now…. but could be a real life saver by putting an end to homeless critters! PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE YOUR PETS SPAY AND NURTURED AND DON’T “SET FREE” YOUR OTHER MORE EXOTIC PETS. FIND A HOME FOR THEM. I have taken in four myself…..two budgies, a green cheek conure and an English Spot rabbit… If you are reading this and you don’t have pets and you don’t think you want any… you can still help. Donate to your local ASPCA or shelter. When you are shopping buy some cat and dog food  and drop it off at your shelter… every penny they don’t have to spend on food they can use for the other needs of all those abandoned critters. If you do this you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart…. please note that could become addictive… but in a good way….. hug your critters and do what is right and enjoy the warm fuzzes until our paths cross again…….. Lila

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