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January 1, 2010
HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010!     *87

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010! *87


 Me and all my critters are wishin’ ya’ll a very, very Happy New Year!!! I’ll be back with ya and tell ya’ll all the juicy details of our party….. but right now gotta get back out there before Double Trouble that sneaky Super Squirrel starts trouble…lol…. ’cause that’s what he does….. he he….oh heaven I hear my alien skin cow poke boots makin’ one awful racket in the attic …. they want out to party too but it is raining and they don’t like to get wet and even though they are sayin’ they will stay inside and out of the rain I know better. I’m out dancing in the rain with all my friends and critters and can’t baby sit those alien skin cow poke boots tonight! If I were to let ’em out they would sneak off with someone and then we would be in more trouble than even DT the Super Squirrel could stir up….. no just too dangerous! So off I go back out on the patio to dance and dance…… even heard that my old friends {the little gray aliens} will be stopping by soon…….. oh heck I better warn the neighbors to keep an eye on their satellite dish….. the little grays like to steal them then mix them up and put them back at the wrong houses…….. yes they have a twisted sense of humor….. maybe that’s why I like them so much…….lol….. so until our paths cross again enjoy the new year and watch out for the little gray aliens and keep an eye on your satellite dish……….. Lila 

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