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Things To Know BEFORE Partying With Critters…

January 7, 2010

Read out loud and repeat often! *88


Rabbits spread news fast….not that they gossip or anything, but because there are just so many of them! They make great party pals…. they love to hop and bop and even do the two-step! Just remind them as to what greens are there to eat and what ones are your best patio plants and to leave those a lone and they will…they are very polite and if there are way too many, they will take turns, so all of them are not there at the same time….. all you have to do is ask.

Cats best not to play cards with them…. they cheat…. you might think you can handle one but never, ever let two or more play…that’s just asking for trouble. They are sneaky too….. now don’t get me wrong I have always loved cats {and dogs!} but anyone who has had a cat or ever played cards with them know it is true! And strays…. well they cheat and are sneaky…. down right slick…. even if they purrrr….don’t get sucked in, they are laughing at you behind your back! The cats must be told what the snacks are and not to eat other critters at the party…and remind them often. Oh how to know when a cat is lying….watch the tail….if it’s moving the cat is lying. Only the best of the best cats can lie and keep it’s tail still…. so watch out…..

Dogs just a short note about ’em….God love ’em! Man’s best friend…but just leave ’em inside when you party. Even the smartest don’t stand a chance… best not to let ’em get their feeling hurt by being use or laughed at….even worse the butt end of some critters joke or trick. Just love them up good before and after the party….to make them feel needed tell ’em you need them to guard the inside of the house…you know like “Boy keep a good look out for squirrels and don’t let ’em use the bathroom…. even if they ask!”

Raccoons…. well that could swing one or two ways. If they like you and you ever lose something, most often they can find it and get it back to you…. if they don’t like you…. don’t turn your back on them….they’ll take anything that’s not nailed down and you will never get it back. And they love to dance! Don’t forget to put out several punch bowls of water…..only on the floor!!! Can’t tell ya how many times they knock one over on to something or someone  by accident while washing their food while they eat. And the younger ones will have to be reminded not to play in the water too!

Opossums….they really like to rock and roll and keep a party swinging….no I mean really swinging from low tree…and keep great time….just watch out because when it’s time for their little ones to start out on their own……moms have been known to drop a couple off and leave them behind as they sneak off into the night! One other note you must tell them just what is party food and what is NOT because they will eat anything they can catch….you may have to remind them from time to time during the party.

Squirrels….well they have a class all their own… some are cute and sweet but most will lie, cheat, steal, crash parties {that’s why we now just invite them to the Night Shift Crew parties} and basically run riot while looking you in the eyes and say “Who me?”  they can find their way in to your house and even use your Internet, computer/printers, charge movies on your cable too! Never leave you bank info around… they love … I’m pretty sure they are the ones that have a thing for shoes…..if missing one or more and if you have a raccoon that likes you have them check out the squirrels…. but never lend them any of your shoes. Oh, yeah if at some point during the party or poker game one of the squirrels asks if you can unlock your door so they can use your bathroom….DON’T …..all that means is they couldn’t find any other way in and they are up to no good! Just stop and think about it…. have you ever seen them use your bathroom before? Exactly!

Aliens if you ever party with ’em…..well there is a whole other set of rules that come into play…..if you think you might have already partied with aliens….. you most likely have and you didn’t just pass out from drinking too much…. like I said a whole other set of rules!

Well I hope this helps anyone who has been wanting a point or two about having great parties with their critters….they can get out of hand some times but knowing a few fun facts about party animal critters can leave you with wonderful party memories….lol…. so party out…. have fun…. live life to the fullest and hug your critters until our paths cross again…….. Lila

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  1. Rick Phillips permalink
    January 7, 2010 4:35 am

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

    • January 7, 2010 4:48 am

      Thank you! Come by any time and feel free to look around at some of my other critter tales!

  2. January 9, 2010 10:37 pm

    Good points, I’ll go and read some more!

  3. September 9, 2010 6:27 am

    Cats definitely cheat…I can see it in their eyes! Dogs are quite the sensitive bunch, it’s definitely a good idea to just give them some warm milk and let them take a nap while you party until the early hours. I bet it would be easier to tell if an alien is bluffing or cheating, because they are often cycloptic, plus their antennae shiver when they are dealt bad cards.

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