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IT’S ABOUT TIME AND A LITTLE LATE…but just maybe…A Red Action Entry

January 15, 2010

"In loving memory of Macho B" *89


 After 13 long years the staff and members of the Center for Biological Diversity and all wildlife lovers have reason to celebrate and have hope when looking towards the future for the American Jaguar….. even if it is too late for Macho B the last known wild jaguar in the US. This week the Center for Biological Diversity won a decision from the Obama administration for the  protection of the North American Wild Jaguar…..the largest and most endangered cat…..the development of a recovery plan and the protection of essential habitat. It has been a long road and a painful one too! The un-natural death of Macho B might have made some think there was no longer any hope for the jaguar and that was just what the Bush administration wanted as it twice declared the jaguar “too endangered” to bother with and therefore no longer the need for the protected habitat……. hummm maybe there were other uses for that land? But we did NOT give up! Now to make sure that Obama keeps his word and the recovery process can begin! Special thanks should go to the Center for Biological Diversity and all the thousands who joined in online to let their voices be heard. If you would like to help and keep the fight going to protect our wildlife and environment safe and clean feel free to visit the groups on my blog roll and right now just to highlight and give a little extra boost to the CBD click here  ….. there is still a lot of work to be done and every little bit helps! May you have a joyful skip in your step and a feeling of hope in your heart until our paths cross again……. Lila 

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