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January 22, 2010









I just got my e-mail of the Endangered earth online weekly e-news letter from the Center for Biological Diversity where I found a write-up from Dr. Natalie Dawson who is a scientist for the CBD but is also a resident of Anchorage, Alaska. She has written an article for the Alaska Dispatch dated January 2, 2010 entitled “Let’s fight climate change, not the ESA”  {Endangered Species Act}

 which I have found to be insightful, educated and full of basic common sense. I could feel her love and passion for her home, community and Alaska as a whole. So she is not just one of those “environmental scientist spouting off that the sky is falling gloom and doom”. The article is about how the Alaska State Legislature proposes to spend $1.5 million to fund a campaign to push for limiting the ESA where they say the ESA will have a negative economic impact for Alaska {have you noticed that any time some big industry wants to pollute our environment they say if they can’t do what they want it will hurt the economy….meant to cause fear and panic?}….. but Dr. Dawson wrote….”the Alaska Legislature does not represent all of the state’s citizens, neither does it mimic the voice of the majority.” She stepped up and gave a voice for these citizens. She gave the facts to support the concerns for the loss of wildlife and their habitat that would truly destroy the economic future of Alaska. Dr. Dawson’s article is a no-nonsense straight forward breath of fresh air and well worth the read.  Here is a link to the e-news letter and once there the write-up is “Alaska Amasses War Chest to Kill Bears, Seals and Walruses {4th topic down} and to read Dr. Dawson letter click on “center’s response” .   Enjoy the read and feel free to look around while there…..there are many other informative topics. I wish you peace and harmony with all that is around you until our paths cross again………. Lila

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  1. February 6, 2010 8:41 am

    I actually read an article in New Scientist that said while global warming would kill off a lot of species nature will always adapt & survive. For example killer whales are starting to move into the polar extremes of the planet. Basically the article said “Mother nature never needs saving. Even from humans.” Not a view I particularly like but an interesting take none the less.

    • February 6, 2010 8:16 pm

      Thank you for reading and posting. These issues are my passion. I hate that my children are already missing out on things I enjoyed as a child. I’ve seen such articles too. Don’t agree with them but there is a point that they make that is indeed true. Mother nature will take care and she might just not need saving……. but we do! She could well move on but without us. The old saying “You made your bed…. now you’ll have to lay in it…” . As one species moves into another’s habitat everyone loses…. our fishing industry is feeling the effects as the fish they harvest….even in moderation…. move to remain in a suitable habitat, move out of our nations waters into another’s and our industry loses out….. for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction…..that’s why in all things there should be moderation.


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