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CAN YOU SEE IT NOW? A Red Action Entry

April 24, 2010


 The title may seem a little strange or even like a smart remark…… but it’s not… should be a warning….and a warning that should be taken to heart and acted upon. I do not want to ever have to say “I told you so.” I would take no satisfaction in such an event. It has been said many times when it comes to oil {drilling} and water {off shore} they do not mix. And it isn’t a question of “If” but “When”  there will be a disastrous toxic spill. So, tell me someone, when will we learn? In the days to come we will hear all kinds of  comments about having this oil disaster all under control and limited impact on the environment…….. really now?  I wonder who are the ones that will feel a “limited impact”? I’ll tell you who…..if you pull your head out of your……. the sand….and listen….. it will be only the oil company BP who leases the oil rig from Deepwater Horizon.  I do not believe that any impact on people and the environment are acceptable…….we need to work on other cleaner energy….if you take the money lost in damages and clean up {what little they will do and then say any more isn’t possible} and lost wages and so on…..that same amount of money could have been used to change to newer and cleaner energy…..we would be far better off and walking into a new cleaner future instead of dwelling in the past while slowly but surely destroying the very world we depend on for living. For now this mess will be in the hands of BP, the US Coast Guard and Transocean….. they will use chemicals, booms and skimmers to try to control what could be a very huge oil spill and at the very least “just” the contamination from every thing that was on the rig {the things the people who lived/worked needed}, used to make the rig and used for the everyday operations…..and every thing used to fight this fire….. these items most often forgotten in the press reports have an impact on the environment too…… so limited impact my …….foot. Now as most of the nation feels so bad for the Gulf Coast….they have such a hard time between the weather and all the oil rigs… sad…..some body should do something to stop this from ever happening again…..and then they will go about their life….WELL LISTEN UP FOLKS……because even as this is happening our president has said he fully plans on continuing the push to drill MORE off shore oil……..that’s right…..All along the southeastern coastline, western coastline and even within the “protected” Alaskan coastline!  You better speak up or this WILL be happening right off your coastline. These soon to be effected states depend heavily on their coastline tourism income {and pay taxes too}……some of these {like Hilton Head,SC; Myrtle Beach,SC; Charleston,SC; Savanna,GA. just to name a few.} make a large part of their yearly income in the summer months, especially the small family owned businesses and one “small” spill would prove devastating to these people and the environment……they could well never recover……this could soon be coming to a coastline near you…….what will you do? Please note that at present my research shows that there isn’t any known way to clean or treat an oil spill in the freezing waters off the arctic coastline……..I live  near and enjoy these southeastern waters…….many that live and work here have done so for generations…….some can trace their families back to the first colonies. We love this land…… our country and do not want to see it destroyed……we owe it to our children and their children…..we have struggled with natural disasters and some not so natural like the depression and recession……but now we are being attacked by big oil and the government walking hand in hand like carpetbaggers into our home lands to destroy and plunder……it’s time to stand up and speak out…….no….. it’s time to STAND UP AND SHOUT OUT “HELL NO YOU CAN NOT PUT OIL RIGS ON OUR DOOR STEP AND DESTROY OUR LIVELYHOOD…..OUR WAY OF LIFE…..OUR BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE!” So call you congressman and your senators……hell call the white house and tell them we will not stand for this outrage. And keep calling and e-mailing……tell everyone you know to do the very same……IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAIN…..TEA PARTY OR COFFEE……YOU ARE A CITIZEN AND THIS IS YOUR HOME! So here are some helpful numbers: White House comments: 202-456-1111  Switchboard : 202-456-1414 ask for the presidents secretary  Fax: 202-456-2461. You can also write to Pres. Obama @ The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20500 {include your e-mail address in your letter if you have one…for quicker response}.      LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!   And pray for all those who have been hurt or lost in this disaster and for our homes until our paths cross again……… Lila

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